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(For the sake of making this easier to read, I’ve formatted this as prose. In practice, this would be a script, but I don’t see any reason to dress it up in that format. I imagine this as a narration in the vein of David Attenborough or Werner Herzog. It's intentionally dry, the idea being that this is compensated for with the events unfolding onscreen.)

Winter in Longyearbyen. Situated on Spitsbergen Island in Norway, total darkness consumes this arctic village for months. Considered the northernmost town with a population over a thousand, it is a harsh and demanding habitat. Nearly three months of the year are spent without sunlight, and in the summer, the sun will not leave the sky for nearly another three moths. This is a place of extremes.

But within this rugged climate dwells a unique and often overlooked ecosystem. While varieties exist around the globe, this one is of particular interest. Using cutting-edge lensing, we are able to peer into this mysterious world like never before. A world once thought mere fantasy, now revealed in glorious high definition. This is the home of Shadows: autonomous, permanent beings that in some ways resemble ourselves. The place they return to when they aren’t cast upon the world we know. Umbra.

At these sunless times of the year, it is almost completely dormant, although some glimpses still linger in the long night.

(first look at a Gloam)

The Gloam. By far the most slothful of the shadows, it is the most abundant of its kind at this inactive time of year. Gloams are unique among shadows in that they never see the light of day, a fact...

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So here’s my basic idea regarding Shadow Caste. I’m dishing it out in bullet points, because I think it might be a little easier to digest. I also have a short pilot sample that...

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It is absolutely stifling outside! Just wretched! They should’ve made this an indoor event, Lord knows they have the resources. Even with all these graduates and their families,...

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(This came from an idea of Robo_J's he brought up a few weeks ago, and it’s been stewing in my mind ever since)

I was born in the gut of a factory in a haze of axle grease and...

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It's a murky maze of trees in every direction. VICTIM is on his knees. Turn to MURDERER; he's pointing a pistol at Victim's head.


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(This is a re-post, because I'm stupid)

Please don’t shit on me

I see that look you’re giving

And I don’t trust you for a hot second

Not a one

No, I don’t have any bread

To buy a...

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(Based on experiences in 3 different cities that all felt very similar)

It’s almost 5AM and the sky’s warming up

And birds are singing from telephone lines

Warbling voices ringing...

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One of life's true delights:

There are no alarm clocks in my dreams

Granted, there are numerous instances of

Untimely paralysis

Inexplicable shape-shifting

And getting lost

Along with an...

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“Please don’t go. Please?”

I turn around and Lee is standing in his star-speckled onesie, nose running, eyes bloodshot. He’s standing in the living room, half-blinded by the...

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