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A: I could use a new pair of shoes…look at these things.

B: Oh, I’ve got a guy for that. We’ll talk about it later, okay?

A: Yeah, yeah that’d be great.

B: Did you see the game earlier?

A: Yeah I did! It was just so/

B: It was one of the best I’ve ever seen! What a game!

A: I wish I could’ve been there, but tickets are so expensive.

B: Oh no, not if you do it right. I’ve got a guy for that.

A: Rocket shoes would be so great/

B: Oh I’ve got a guy for that.

A: Bullshit.

B: What?

A: Bullshit. You do not have a guy for that. You do not have a guy for rocket shoes.

B: I mean…I have a guy? You’re confusing me a little right now.

A: How am I confusing you? What are you/

B: What are YOU talking about?

A: Let’s meet this guy then.

B: It’s ‘a guy’.

A: What?

B: It’s ‘a guy’, not ‘this guy’.

A: …What? I don’t...

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A: Alright, come over here.

B: Where?

A: Right here, where I’m standing. Hurry up!

B: What are all of these machines?

A: Counting machines.

B: What?

A: They’re counting machines. You see...

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by christopher.harn Sep 11, 2014

Based on an old Japanese folk tale:

There once was a young official who lived in a simple city house with his simple, kindhearted wife. He was an ambitious type, whose dreams were...

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Based on Johnnyclyde's stunning animations (V1 and V2).

I lost her. And I don’t know if I’ll ever find her again.

One second we were talking about our future, about…the next I was...

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by christopher.harn Aug 24, 2014

This is my (irreverent) adaptation of The Fox’s Wedding (Kitsune no Yomeiri) story. I imagine the "party animals", for lack of a better term, as very well-dressed people in animal...

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by christopher.harn Aug 14, 2014
by christopher.harn Jul 29, 2014

I don’t remember how or when it started, but every night it’s the same.

It starts as the faintest glow, a murmur of the stunning terror that is doomed to haunt this night and every...

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by christopher.harn Jul 27, 2014

I normally don't include a preface like this, but in this case I think I have to. Writing a comedic piece about depression is a tricky thing, and the last thing I want to do is...

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LAWYER (O.S.): And you’re sure this is what you want, Ms. Shaw?



LINDA SHAW, a well dressed woman in her thirties, sits across from a LAWYER’s desk. In...

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by christopher.harn Jun 07, 2014

I like to run my fingers through the little folds in the current before I get started. I know it’s just an electric pump spitting water out of a glorified statue, but a fountain is...

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by christopher.harn May 27, 2014