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Here's my footage for the 'In a City' collab. I'm pretty lucky to be living in London. I tried to keep it to as much as the brief as possible as well as keeping in line with the poem- so there is a lot of shots of the London underground.

I have recreated my work commute in the morning and am lucky enough to work in the Gherkin and take some final shots from one of the top floors. 

Also sorry for the long nothingness at the end- totally did not realise i had that I did that :/

Ok now for the boring tech bits:

Shot on Canon 5D Mk III

24mm-105mm lens (2.8)

50mm lens (1.8)

50 shutter speed

25 fps and sometimes 50fps for the slo mo bits

1080 x 1920

Also have a pre grade Cinema picture setting that means it's lovely and filmic looking without messing around in post

I have attached the zip file - Also if anyone wants the individual files - just let me know the time code and I will upload them separately.

I have some more stuff that I wil post soon!



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