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by cbis22

I kept Him in rearview,

those eyes of mine

like to drift and dance

and remember romance

in patchwork forms,

I kept up speed,

up the hill

around corners

of tangly meadows,

vineyards of posterity

produced atop

catacombs of

other years, times,

places, and people

that held languages

and fables and

knowledge of their own

that served their purpose

for no other reason

than for the season

of being.

His eyes watching mine,

atop centuries of memory,

and oh how I couldn't forget

what it was like meet Him

amongst this harsh world,

in saintly retrospect

He tried to forgive,

while I tried to forget

and all in all

it was the beauty of the fall

that kept my knees from buckling

and keeps the trees from tumbling,

and wind from roaring down this road

of wanted dissonance,

I drove past this land,

yes I drove passed this foothill

of memory,

escaping from Him

and everything he stood for

amongst the twilight

of His sacrifice.


Ok well this keeps happening but when I load the song and press the play button, it won't work, but I'm able to download it to my Media Player. Not sure why this keeps happening if anyone knows why, I'd greatly appreciate it, but anywayz...

Another tune I made on my phone. This one's more of an epic journey than the other ones I've done. It's funny how it just became this gradual add on of sounds especially the hip-hop feel in the end, which wasn't supposed to happen AT ALL haha. But it compliments the trippiness of the song. Enjoy and hopefully yall can make something out of it. I would LOVE LOVE some spoken word attached to the song at any given point.

by cbis22
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Yet another tune, from the "Phone-Tunes" collection, though, I would suggest PUTTING ON HEADPHONES, cuz the bass at times is really deep. This one has a more slow-burn, dub-steppy feel to it, while ending with a hip-hop climax. I like making music that's both experimental and hip-hop, kinda like The Gorillaz(love them) OR James Blake. But yeah the beginning, I picture someone doing a poem to it and then the ending, would have to be a very LOUD and fast poem ha. But anywayz hope yall enjoy my latest record.

by cbis22
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Well this one I actually thought of as more of a song than the others and I actually wrote lyrics down for it. I was feeling pretty down and this made me feel a bit better. I'm not much of a singer but any singers out there who wouldn't mind contributing their lovely voice would be awesome.

Written Lyrics(though it's not sung in the RECord):

I wish that things were different now,
Got no friends to come around,
well friends they only let you down,
But I still wish things were different now,

And I wonder,
Yeah I wonder

Moneys gone, I'm all alone,
and this house I live in it aint home,
Look down at the shadow passing by,
I try to hold back the fear inside.

And I wonder,
why the days of hope,
begin to splinter,
nto days unknown,
and the calling,
of fears untold,
starts the falling,
of tears not shown,

I wish things were different now,
Got no friends to come around,
well friends they only let you down,
I still wish things were different now.

And I wonder,
Yeah I wonder,

by cbis22
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New Phone-Tune and it's very much different from the others I've uploaded. I would kind of like HitRECord to have a little more dance/techno experimental songs, so this and more to come will be in that vein, in that it's a lot more intense and has lot more of a dance-beat. I like messing around with with random sounds and making them work together like the gunshots in the beginning and end. And then my signature move of making a hip-hop beat out of something that wasn't before. This one has kind of an industrial sound to it in the beginning, very NIN. But hope yall enjoy :)

by cbis22
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Side-note: Headphones are definitely needed for the beginning of the song since it's really low


So my fellow hitrecorder-pal, Van-gramsci, created an awesome moody instrumental that was inspired by, none other than, the awesome living-dead, or as we call them, ZOMBIES! And he wanted a good drum beat so I decided I might be of some service to provide that( which begins around mid-way in the song). Granted this is my first time mixing, or REmixing other people's songs with mine, I tried my damndest and hope that Van-g thinks it's ok. So enjoy the creepiness and AWESOMENESS of feeling like the zombie apocalypse is upon us hehe :)

by cbis22
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R WE RECording??

Yayy! Here's another addition I am mucho proud to add to HitRECord and the "Phone-Tunes" collection i.e. tunes I create on my phone in my spare-time. I say I'm pretty proud of it because honestly I didn't know what the hell to do with it at first. I had the first few bars set and the tempo was A LOT slower, but then I didn't know where to go from there. So I decided to add a few things and it still didn't feel right, until I sped up the tempo, but I still didn't know how to continue with the mood of the song. Soon I just scrapt the idea that I had to make it one way decided to make the song totally different the second-half with a much lighter-tone, hence the name, Night and Day. I didn't really think about it until I saw a drawing on HitRECord to Icon the song, but it's really a reflection of myself, on how I can have a very dark and moody disposition and other times I have this goofy sensibility and innerdialogue.  Anywayz I hope yall enjoy and I would LOVE like to hear any REmixes of the song or rapping if possible.

by cbis22
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Rising_7 created a great song with a great beat and I just wanted to add some poetry to it. I'll provide words soon.

by cbis22
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Another addition to the PHONE-TUNES. This ones a simple techno song. Im a fan of Daft Punk and I wanted to see if I could create songs similar.

by cbis22
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The bass is SUPER DEEP AND LOW, so headphones would be best for this one. Also I would love for someone to create rap off of it

by cbis22
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This'll probably be my last PHONE-TUNE for a while, but it's one of the best! I wanted something with a kind of bouyant sound and bouncy noise, and with a lot of static and frequency. Hope yall enjoy and make something out of it.

by cbis22
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by cbis22
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The song sounds fuller with headphones because of the bass being so low, but otherwise, enjoy and REmix away :)

by cbis22
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