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San Jose
cbis22 Released Jun 23, 2012

I kept Him in rearview,

those eyes of mine

like to drift and dance

and remember romance

in patchwork forms,

I kept up speed,

up the hill

around corners

of tangly meadows,

vineyards of posterity

produced atop

catacombs of

other years, times,

places, and people

that held languages

and fables and

knowledge of their own

that served their purpose

for no other reason

than for the season

of being.

His eyes watching mine,

atop centuries of memory,

and oh how I couldn't forget

what it was like meet Him

amongst this harsh world,

in saintly retrospect

He tried to forgive,

while I tried to forget

and all in all

it was the beauty of the fall

that kept my knees from buckling

and keeps the trees from tumbling,

and wind from roaring down this road

of wanted dissonance,

I drove past this land,

yes I drove passed this foothill

of memory,

escaping from Him

and everything he stood for

amongst the twilight

of His sacrifice.

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cbis22 Jun 23, 2012