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I wanted to remix some GORGEOUS pictures from my album in Black & White

My idea was to combine some similar portraits, and full of softness - original title was "Surely softly". Here the result :)

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Illustration: Element by Laural
Text: Patch things up (tiny story) by caroleluciole

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Illustration: red by Marie Bee
Text: About the Red Girl (tiny story) by caroleluciole

Very beautiful portrait of red with Marie Bee, to say the less, perfect for my character of Red Girl :) I hope you like it <3

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Illustration: What If (no text) by Csmalls
Text: They Call Her Inspiration by Murker

First time I do this kind of remix, it was fun! :)
I wanted a tiny story for this great illustration from Csmalls & this amazing record from Murker works perfectly with it.
So I really hope they will be published together in a next tiny book, cause it would be so much deserved... ♥

I put some words in capital letter, let me know if it's okay or if I do another remix... maybe I will try other things anyway <3

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