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The pawn blindly followed orders.

The knight flanked upon command.

The bishop slid between the cracks.

The rook pillaged across the land.

The queen killed without mercy.

The armies prepared to fight.

And the king was left to wonder

Why this war was black and white.

Tiny Story - Chess
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haggling :: a dialogue for one voiceIf he’s really gone, I’m forsaking God and dental hygiene.

Once upon a time, this house was filled with laughter. With candlelit takeout dinners and concert stubs and the smell of sex and Febreze. Once upon a time, this house was filled with bliss and cheesy 90s love songs and euphoria and poems written on the backs of greasy napkins.

God, I miss that.

What’s it filled with now?

So I sit up at night, and stare at the ceiling fan, and bargain with God and my Listerine. If I can hold that blue shit...

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Hello, I'm Calliope!

Before you ask, YES! I want to collaborate with YOU. Especially if you are interested in: myths, fairy tales, zombies, dystopias, poetry, plays, stories, people, things, times, or places.

Here on HitRecord, I'm a writer, although I'm also interested in photography and music composition.

I'm obsessed with tiny stories... ever since I joined HitRecord, the fact that the universe is made of them haunts (read: inspires) me. I see them everywhere I go. See some of my tiny stories here:...

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