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by cacheth

I know it's a very literal interpretation of the poem... but once I decided they were maenads in my head, it couldn't be helped. :'D




i've been dancing around this idea for an illustration for a while, but never narrowed the thought down to a final design, until two days ago, when I had a creepy-ass dream that brought me here. :D i hope you enjoy!

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tiny remix, to help with the flow of the image...

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humm... everyone gets a little wound up every now and then. :P


I'm leaving the country tomorrow, so while I'll be drawing, I probably won't be uploading them as much (or just in big, overwhelming chunks of landscapes :'D) so this is a little 'ttfn' kinda record I've been sitting on.


it was supposed to be longer, but the inventor was uncooperative, and therefore I have rejected him for the moment. maybe later, when he's not giving me attitude, I'll complete this little tale. :)


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and again. :)


I could have remixed the audio seperately, but I kind of like the repetition. :D (also I'm lazy as hell)

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okay, this is the third this week! i'm leaving in 2 minutes to go out of town and the exporting was a bitch and a half (also I forgot how damn long it takes to upload now, seriously that just took an hour), so I didn't have time to add audio. can someone please (pretty please with sugar on top?) remix this with pamagotchi's beautiful reading? (i resourced it, hoping)

I mean, Joe's is nice too, but he's a little deep voiced for this particular character. :)


um. I hope you like it! <3

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this is definitely becoming more of a dream-like narrative exploration, which I'm not sure is the direction it's supposed to go, but it's sorta leading the way all by itself. I'm not actually driving this thing, I'm just putting it on paper. :'D

sorry this gets so loosey-goosey towards the end, but being that this is a work in progress (and will be for a while) I managed to convince myself out of feeling bad for uploading it like this.

if you ever felt the need to get a closer insight to the process of an ADD artist, this looks a lot like it.

I totally started this evening with an excellent work ethic, but then I started watching 'How to Train Your Dragon' and that put a right stop to that.


also, I kept her in black instead of white (mostly) like IrmaVep's image, 'cause I wanted to maintain some continuity of character and keep the contrast between the male and female figures for later. just so you know. :D

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fwaaaah. silly, rushed, and I know it's just way late for the Fall Formal, but it was too much fun to stop making. :)

I think I spent longer on this one than any other yet. also colour! :D



have fun at the Fall Formal, everyone! <3

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Success! I've been cleaning my room, and going through old CD's, and found this animation I a few years ago in high school. MattConley's tiny story made me think of it, and I'm so glad that I managed to find it again. I might edit pamagotchi's gorgeous reading over it later, but for now, here. :)

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this is where we live. best let them sleep.

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needed a bit of a break from Joe V Copyright-Bots. fun as that is, I wanted a little bit of whimsy in my day. :)


also it feels like ages since I ruined a pen in one picture.

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(da poster edition)
i;gldkjcx,mv i have work in 4 hours

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