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Request List:

  • Other

    • Want to bring something for a category that is not listed? Do it here! (and let us know which category is missing, so we could add it!)
  • Illustration

    • Illustrations of the rules.
  • Curation

    • Make an album or a text record with your favorite rules.
  • Voiceover Artists

    • Voiceovers of the rules!
  • Writing

    • Create or remix the rules of time travel!
  • Graphic Design

    • Make art with the rules!
  • Animation

    • Create animations of the rules!
31 Contributions
Brujasur-1744946 brujasur Released Jun 05, 2014

This started as an text RECord and the idea grew wonderfully, but it can grow even more! As GrantForbes told me, maybe we would have more contributors if this were a full collaboration.

So, here it is! Please contribute all the rules you can think of. Not only to complete the initial 42 rules, but to create a great handbook for Time Travelers!

We hope to see your contributions soon!