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Request List:

  • Photography

    • Upload a current photo of you (without the template)
    • Other photos (for backgrounds, etc.)
  • Graphic Design

    • Upload an edited photo of you (with the template or other additions)
    • Images & designs for pages, sections, etc.
    • TEMPLATES! You have a template we can use?
  • Illustration

    • Drawings & doodles for pages, sections, etc.
  • Q&As

    • Lists of questions to be answered
    • Answers to the Q&As
  • Video Editing

    • Everything related to video yearbooks
  • Other

    • Any other things that may be useful to create the yearbook
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Brujasur-1744946 brujasur Released May 31, 2014

Since I couldn't make the yearbook 2012 (maybe someday I will finish it, if you want), I'm starting the HitRECord Yearbook - 2014 collab! This time, I promise that I will create something with all the pictures and questions, at least in PDF format!


What is needed:

1. A current photo of you: One per user and pictures from this year (if possible) in color or black and white.

Depending on your image editing skills, you can upload your photo unretouched (I can edit it for you)…


There is no right way to ask what year it is.

I know, it might sound strange to you that I find it strange that I can't go around asking "what year is it?" without getting a few...

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