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Since I couldn't make the yearbook 2012 (maybe someday I will finish it, if you want), I'm starting the HitRECord Yearbook - 2014 collab! This time, I promise that I will create something with all the pictures and questions, at least in PDF format!


What is needed:

1. A current photo of you: One per user and pictures from this year (if possible) in color or black and white.

Depending on your image editing skills, you can upload your photo unretouched (I can edit it for you)…

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There is no right way to ask what year it is.

I know, it might sound strange to you that I find it strange that I can't go around asking "what year is it?" without getting a few weird looks or an ironic reply. If it does sound strange it's because I assumed again that I'm in the future of the human race. But no, it seems like I've arrived just in time to see another everyday of the boring era you live in.

Let me explain, since I have nothing else to do while I recharge my transport with some solar power. Yes, this is a transportation method, not a watch. Wristwatches are something completely obsolete in the reality I live in. Did you notice? I said reality. Not country, or year (and no, I'm not mentally ill: mental illnesses are something from your era). My reality of origin doesn't exist in this year you live in, because when I was born, humanity didn't measure time with as much detail as you all do. A year is the same as an instant, and what you call a second can contain a billion years of your life inside.

In your lineal life you'd never understand what's like to live in the present, past and future all at once. Some moments ago, for example, I was chatting with my great-great-grandfather in his beach house. Do you smell the scent of the sea in my hair? You don't understand how frustrating it is not to be able to talk to him about my life, tell him that I can come visit him whenever he wants and having to lie to him in a different way every time I see him, just to have a quick chat. I've seen the conflicts that the human mind, before The Limit, creates when confronted with a relative that hasn't been born yet. And that's such a strange concept to me: not being born yet... It's hard for me to understand it, but I'm very sympathetic.

What's The Limit? Good question, maybe I should've started by explaining that. The Limit is the moment in human history when space and time travel was invented. The Limit is the only frontier that is known in my reality: it divides the moments to which we can travel without further thought, and those others to which we can only go after rigorous training. Not all humans travel to the Before, like I do. Many simply live, work and die in the Now, without having ever visited the Before. Time is not lineal in the Now, and simply because no one kept measuring it meticulously every waking moment, it stopped having any relevance at all.

That's why we stopped using wristwatches: our time is always 'now', it doesn't matter which year we appear in. We just ask the first person we see when we appear. The only difference between Before and Now, is that Before (I mean now... no, I don't want to confuse you) people didn't use to ask what year it was to other people. Having every minute meticulously measured, it was almost impossible for you to forget about what moment you're in! If you ask me, that's a lot of misused energy right there, but I understand why you need it. As I mentioned before, I sympathize with you. Oh, look! My transport has finished charging, so I'll be going now. Perhaps I'll see you soon!

And remember to have some sympathy yourself: if someone asks you what year it is, just say it. It's not that hard!



Reicita has helped me with the translation. Thanks!! ❤

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There's so many great little things that we miss by not looking carefully!

Here's the PSD -> Tiny great love story (PSD)

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This material may eventually be useful for bumpers or videos related to film direction.

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- Here is the PSD with all the layers so anyone who want could add things, remove things, or perhaps make an animation!: SHOT #7 - Afternoon swim (PSD)

- Here are the remixes in full size: SHOT #7 - Afternoon swim (v.1)SHOT #7 - Afternoon swim (v.2)

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He has no Twitter account.

Re-remix of some perfectly worked images!

I loved the remix that fractaldust made​​, and I imagined a single bird in the middle, completely disconnected from others and somehow unhappy.

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