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I thought it was time for a more current look at my mug. So there.

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I just wanted to pair these two up. If we ever continue/finish up the "Electric Loss" music video, I think elisethe's rotoscoped dance is a fantastic resource for it. So I just wanted to call attention to it. Kind of a reREC of sorts.

That is all. Enjoy!

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Made this design quick for a t-shirt and mug for my husband's Xmas gift... thought I'd share here too, in case it can grow into more.

Also up in my Society6 shop -

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Was just thinking about an octopus with balloons again... haha

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2 of my illustrations combined for a new story. Hope it inspires <3

Also available on my Society 6 account -


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This is an idea that was swimming in my head last night, keeping me awake and refusing to let me sleep until I wrote it all down. I am giving it a chance on hitRECord... which is scary and exciting. I have many of these creative tornadoes in the middle of the night resulting in notebooks full of half awake visuals that poor out my finger tips... but usually, I scribble it all out, go back to sleep, and then when I look over the notes in the morning I end up re-writing and re-working until I get far too critical of myself to give them a real chance. I decided to give this one a true and raw chance.

So, here are my late night scribbled notes typed out exactly as they poured out of me, little to no edits, except for a quick spell-check just because. Lots of run-on sentences, sorry for that! Raw raw, now help me finesse it.

::::::::::::::: Toteable ::::::::::::::::::

Two travelers are walking down a busy and bustling street together. A woman and a man. The man is overloaded with suitcases, bags and packages. They tower over him. He appears to be on the edge of toppling over or dropping items with his every step. The woman has a single personalized suitcase and it swings gently at her side as she walks with him. She watches the man with growing concern, and she motions to him that she wants to take some of the bags to help. He shakes his head, "no." 

MONTAGE here: of different awkward traveling scenes where the man continues to struggle, his luggage getting in the way of otherwise easy actions, invading other peoples' personal space, etc. and we see that the woman has offered to help him several times to lighten his load and he continues to refuse stubbornly. We see the man spiraling from a confident "No, I've got this" and puffed out chest to a huddled and nearly collapsing mess under a tower of luggage. At the end of the montage the situation has mounted so much that the woman has had it. [Montage ends]

The woman motions once more that she wants to take some of his luggage, this time with more anger then concern. When the man refuses again, the woman walks off. The man struggles to keep up with her. She increases her pace. He stumbles, drops a few items, scrambles back to try to pick them up quickly and drops more. She is getting further and further away. The man begins to panic. Unsettled, he begins choosing a couple items to leave behind. He lightens the load enough to finally catch up to her. She stops to face him. He is still towered with suitcases but not nearly as impairing. She motions again that she wants to carry more. He hesitates, but finally hands her something to carry. A teeny tiny bag. She looks at this tiny bag, that is now in her hands, and then at him, and then back at the bag, and then back at him with a "Really?!" expression, but she accepts that it is at least a step in the right direction and they begin to walk onward again together.

MONTAGE here: of the two traveling onward, this time we see that the woman is progressively taking more and more of the load from the man. The exhausted man shows a return of energy and they both look happier in sharing the load, but  the montage continues on to show the woman taking more and more until it has swung into the opposite extreme where the woman is almost toppling over with luggage. The man is oblivious. He has become intoxicated by the new freeing feeling of unloading the weight (potentially even skipping, singing, swinging the few bags he has left,etc) [Montage ends] and then he realizes the woman is gone...

The woman has stumbled and fallen. Suitcases and packages everywhere around her.

The man runs to her aid, and for the first time we see him fully unload all his baggage, to pull her up from the ground. She is a bit dazed from her fall and looks around as he steadies herself on his shoulder. Some of the suitcases have landed and sprung open on impact. They are empty. All of them. She looks confused and then she looks angry and turns to him. His jaw is hanging in surprise. He doesn't understand why they are empty either. He is just as shocked by this discovery. This softens the woman's reaction and they both begin looking through the man's baggage together. All empty, until they come across one last large bag. The woman reaches out for the bag, ready to inspect it too, but the man pulls it out of her reach and dismisses the idea with his body language. He lifts the bag, it appears quite heavy, flings it over his shoulder and begins to walk while motioning for her to join him back on their journey.

The woman is puzzled by this and then she refuses to move, arms crossed. She motions again that she wants to see what is in his final bag. He again dismisses her. Finally, and more in defense then out of actual curiosity, he demands to look inside HER suitcase.

[Hopefully, if done well, the audience at this point would have been so distracted by the man's baggage issues and story that they too have a, "Oh yeah! What's in HER bag?!" moment.]

The man's request turns her face from stubborn anger to fear and maybe even a bit of panic. She turns from him, hugging her bag up to her chest, and then starts to walk in the opposite direction. Her body language implying, "Let's just call this all off, and go our separate ways." The man follows and gently stops her by grabbing her wrist. He pulls her in closer to him, wiping some of the tears that are now falling down her face. He is genuinely concerned and motions softly toward her bag again in a, "Can I please see why you are crying?" manner.

She, reluctantly, brings the suitcase between them. They both drop down to their knees and open the case together.

Inside the case is another smaller suitcase, and in that another one smaller still, and so on... until finally they reach the contents. The woman lifts out of the last bag a small half of a broken heart. She looks embarassed. Quickly, (for the drama of it and also to not hold the punchline too long) the man grabs his bag and pulls from it his own half of this broken heart. They look at the pieces in their hands and lift them up to combine them. The scene ends as the pieces unite and the characters are looking at one another.





No further embrace, no kiss is needed, because the symbolism is already almost sickeningly thick...but if the timing is executed right, I think this could be a pretty powerful and accessible little film. What do you think?

I saw this in my head as a 2.5D animation. In fact, Rewfoe's style/work actually came to mind for this ( over top live footage like my "Motion Monsters" series ( but it could potentially be mixed with live action characters in the vein of "Morgan M. Morgansen's Date with Destiny" too ( Thoughts on that?


UPDATE (july 5th): Alternative ending I was now mulling over since posting the above.... What if when they reach the smallest of the suitcases inside her centric baggage, it is empty too. She looks just as shocked as he previously was about his baggage being empty. She shakes it out in desperation, but there is nothing. Then she looks up at him. The man pulls his large bag between them now too (showing heavy weight to the bag as he drags it over), he looks down at the bagm, then up at her. They both smile. Cut to seeing them walking away together, going out of focus and leaving his large bag in the foreground, un-openned. The end. What is in the final bag, ultimately, isn't important. Thoughts on this other ending?

Also worth noting: I am not opposed to the characters both being women or both being men, I just saw them that way in my head that restless night.

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My "6 Ambiguous Secrets" contribution for tdolan's awesome collab. Add your own, here -

P.S. sorry for the fridge buzz & the cranky cat meows in the background...hopefully this is still usable. If anything, it makes this more genuine and a less polished aesthetic, right?

P.S.S. The "you" is a completely different person for each secret. Just sayin' ;^)

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This is what I was trying to explain in the comments on CaptClare's "Next, Space" remix film. Using just the last lines of Vandernite's text "If you had all the wealth in the universe, would you share it or take it for yourself?" as an example. I just thought it was easier to throw this together quick for visual ref. Plus, who knows, this could be a usable resource for it or other RECords. Could be used for RE: MONEY too.

Note: Now that it is uploaded and I rewatched it, I think the "would you share it" and "or take it for yourself?" lines need to be sped up, both in entry and exit. Easy fudging in editting though, so I am not going to re-do it on my end unless requested. Make sense? ;)

P.S. Can you tell I am an 80's child? ha!

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RE: Connecting the Dots

"Connecting the Dots" is the theme of the Awesome House 2013 going on right now in Michigan. It only seems appropriate to add this as a possible TV episode theme, along with a brief explanation.

"Connecting the Dots" means just that, and so much more. We first discussed how this concept relates to reMIXing on hitRECord, bringing RECords (dots) together in new ways (making new connections) to make new RECords. Then we discussed each of us as a RECorders (as a REC buttons, as a "dots") and how we were coming together and connecting on the site as well as off-site networking. Creative people are coming together, collaborating, and making collective art. The ideas and discussions have gone much further, but I am just posting this as a jump-off theme.

I had to add though, that we became increasingly excited about this theme when the amazing Amanda Palmer happened to do a keynote touching on exactly what we were unpacking only a few short weeks after we had chosen our theme - "did you ever notice that THIS looks like THIS?" - Amanda Palmer (

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RE: MONSTERS!!! Of course there are the actual physical MONSTERS of the fantasy persuasion of which we have hundreds of monster ideas growing all over the site. Just look thru the "Character" collab that Chloe started, "Kids vs. Monsters" that Wirrow started, "monster City" that Amber started, "Making Makebelieve Believable" that Clare started, "Motion Monsters" & "Monster Mashups" that I started, "The Grimm Gallery" started by Metaphorest, "Dr. Sweet Tooth" by Edward Shallow,  the "Voyager"... etc...!

BUT this theme could also encompass so many larger themes under this one umbrella:  fear, evil vs. good, horror, our daily demons,  outsiders, childhood, bullies, mental struggles, the media, masks we hide behind, our inner (or outer) personal monsters, what each individual RECorder defines as a "monster" in their life... this could even dust-off  Re: Halloween and Re: Little Red Riding Hood if worked right, etc...

Making a theme that could be so rich and dense with options for the TV show, but still connected under the MONSTER theme.

Can you tell I am excited about this theme?!

I am.

I would be ALL OVER THIS!

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