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I want you to show me how close you can get

How close can you get?

I want you to show me 

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How close you can get without falling in

I want you

Show me

Without falling in

by brookeduckart ago

This is an idea that was swimming in my head last night, keeping me awake and refusing to let me sleep until I wrote it all down. I am giving it a chance on hitRECord... which is scary and exciting. I have many of these creative tornadoes in the middle of the night resulting in notebooks full of half awake visuals that poor out my finger tips... but usually, I scribble it all out, go back to sleep, and then when I look over the notes in the morning I end up re-writing and re-working until I get far too critical of myself to give them...

RE: Connecting the Dots

"Connecting the Dots" is the theme of the Awesome House 2013 going on right now in Michigan. It only seems appropriate to add this as a possible TV episode theme, along with a brief explanation.

"Connecting the Dots" means just that, and so much more. We first discussed how this concept relates to reMIXing on hitRECord, bringing RECords (dots) together in new ways (making new connections) to make new RECords. Then we discussed each of us as a RECorders (as a REC buttons, as a "dots") and how we were coming...