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A Passing Paranoia
brandi jeaux Released ago
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by brandi jeaux ago

"It's time. Time to finish, boys- we have a mass to give."

This is so hot! What if someone walks back here and finds us, maybe Sister Mary. I need to hurry, can't let that happen.

I hear them, the church is filling up...sounds like we have quite a crowd this morning.Of course, I forgot- it's Easter Sunday.

I hear children.

" Oh God, YES! YES!"


"Good Morning, today is a blessed day. Today, Jesus rose from the dead..."

What a good morning it's been! Those boys are...

by brandi jeaux ago

It was just the two of them. She still remembered the day she found him, slithering in the aquarium with what she assumed were his siblings. They were all the same size and their markings seemed to be identical. When the shop boy asked if she wanted a specific one, she asked if he could give her a few moments to decide. He obliged and wandered off to help some other sad sap choose a fluffy companion. She closed her eyes, concentrating hard to block out all the chirping parakeets and finches. When the moment was right, when she had...

by brandi jeaux ago

The rent was a week late and the landlady was going to collect, nobody got over on her. This was the determined attitude that drove her rotund body upwards, as she climbed the steep stairway that ran up the side of the apartment, to the loft.

Sherman licked the air with his long, thick, forked-tongue, sensing the vibrations in the air. There was a definite disturbance in the atmosphere. He had never, in all his time living in the loft, felt such tremendous vibrations. The rhythmic thumping, stomping, seemed to be getting closer,...

by brandi jeaux ago

What to do with all these guts? guts, guts, guts, guts, guts. What is one to do? I could play scientist and stack them in jars of formaldehyde. Or play voyeur, and spread them thin upon a glass table and watch them squirm from beneath. I could play coroner, and dissect them, slicing through the esophagus to discover their last supper. And with this knowlege, I could play hunter, by using this bait to catch another. I then could play God, holding their fate in my hands, and start the procedure all over again. But my favorite part, is...

This is a short story inspired by a show I saw called, "Strange Love". It's a series about people with strange sexual fetishes. There was an episode a while back about a guy in love w/his car. You can check out the 15min. episode about this guy on youtube- bizarrely interesting, sad, yet hilarious!


Chasing Chase

"Don't I always treat you good, my baby?"

It was always the same greeting, every morning, when they met in the driveway. Of course, Toby already...

by brandi jeaux ago