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download for HQ :D 
(i hope) 


disclaimer: i am def not an authority on any of this shtuff, and i really hope i didnt come across toooo vain/egotistical about making videos/testimonials etc.. its f'sure just my taste in what's "entertaining", i'd be so happy to see a variety of vidz ^_^

and thank you to those who gave me ideas on what to talk about! sthuper helpful


*** i'll also be creating a re-rec collaboration every week for you to contribute your records to! starting sunday! ***

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another little dragon

transparent background

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Transparent background.

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Baby Russell aw

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Here are the parts for a character I've made for the Little Dragon collab. You can see how he should look all together HERE.

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Video in the works as I type! Shout out to NOTABand for the amazing beat.

Lyrics: School Day

I remember now that back in the day/
All that I would do is go to class and play/
I really didn't give two "what's" bout grades/
And didn't really care what the teacher'd say/

All I really wanted was to go outside/
Run real fast, climb real high/
Get a power rangers megazord toy/
Before anybody else had that, right?/

We'd go outside just to fight at recess/
That's where we'd de-stress/
But never in destress, we just/
Run n then we'd take in what the teachers teach us/

But now it's over, n I don't really know what just to say/
I miss that school yard banter shhh, If only I could do it all again one day/
But now it's over, n I don't really know what just to say/
I miss that school yard banter shhh, If only I could do it all again one day/ like…

I really wanna play, I really wanna play/
Mama's gonna let me outside all day/
Hop scotch, throw rocks, pop rocks, soda, and setting up a stand with some lemonade/

I'm making money, dad is out watching while I'm making cash/
N if you pass by and don't buy some, all of y'all can kiss my/ dad,
I didn't say it, I didn't say it, don't make me run to the neighbors/
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you can wash my mouth out later/

Now schools out, teachers all/
let um out, let me out, let um out, let um out/
We got 3 months to do whatever we want/
N forget everything that we're talking bout/

But then 3 months later it's all/
Let um in, let um in, let um in/
Summer's gone, it didn't take to long/
And it's already time to let school begin/

The classes, the classes, like back then I couldn't stand it/
I'd write a rap instead of doing my math, n then I'd talk up with all my antics/
I'm screaming, you're yelling, I fight back then you're telling/
We're sitting, with the principal, whose acting like we're felons/
I'm whining, you're crying, he's teaching, his lesson/
We both laugh & leave there, the next day we're best friends/

But now it's over, n I don't really know what just to say/
I miss that school yard banter shhh, If only I could do it all again one day/
But now it's over, n I don't really know what just to say/
I miss that school yard banter shhh, If only I could do it all again one day/

I miss it, I miss it, but back then man I live it/
Nostalgia, for hours, but at least everybody here gets it/
Our childhood, our good times, our old loves and our innocence/
That old desk and chalk board where we learn to build our sentences/
But really we were learning bout our friends and which way to live a life worth mentioning/
So know that I'm here to remember with you, I remember it too, we were getting it…
in the school yard.

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00:00-01:35 A casket is being carried towards it's final resting spot, family and friends are gathered together under their umbrellas to mourn the loss. Some are sad about the passing, while others are sad this is what it had to take to get everyone together in the same area again. 

01:35-01:39 As the casket is being carried, we go inside to see the body, we go into the bodies eyes, and see what the person sees. 

01:39-02:05 He is floating away from this world and into the next, unsure of what's happening, he realizes this is the only moment in his life where he felt absolutely zero fear.Everything that was meant to happen is about to happen 

02:05-03:52 He is spat out of the spiral he was in, only to be face to face with the universe. He touches stars, dances on planets, and rides comets across the galaxies. The sun turns towards him, it's light not disturbing in the least. The sun starts to tell the man of all the secrets in the world. He tells him why the body is so mysteriously perfect, why the dino's died, who bigfoot really was and why he left his wife for a life amongst the trees. The sun then offers the man to pick a planet, and to feel free to explore wherever, whenever, forever with whomever. 

03:52-05:13 we go back to the coffin, to see it being lowered in the ground. The close-not-so-close family and friends watch as the final goodbyes are being said, having no idea of the cosmic dance taking place just above their heads. 

05:13-the rest of your life! Go live while you can, space is scary! 

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Little else to say aside from THANK YOU, and that this year is going to be so-much-fun!

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The future looks bright for robots and grandpas. The rest of us are screwed. 

"Houses will be made of steel, and clank, and let's see...maybe animal fur?"


Ephraim, age 4.5

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I think that the best way we can utilize the Dark Thoughts sketch would be to show different people performing incredibly mundane tasks. Brushing ones hair, or waiting for a light to turn green, something very simple and boring. All the while their dark narration is playing over it.

Because you never really know what that stranger at the bus stop is really thinking. 

I think that this would be a good way to involve the entire community

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