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I two act play in the Theatre of the Absurd


A windowless white room. Two chairs. A single long fluorescent light hangs from the ceiling.


Gordo is seated with his head in his hands, elbows rested on both knees.  He is staring at the floor.  He sighs loudly, scans the walls around him as though he’s looking for something, and rests his head back in his hands again.


Enter Velder


GORDO:  Is there no clock here?  Not upon a single wall in all the room?  Where has the time gone!

VELDER:  [He sits down in the chair beside Gordo.] Excuse me, sir, do you have the time?

GORDO:  Have it?  [to the audience]Do I have it, he asks!  Once, certainly, before I was here, in this room.

VELDER: Before you were where?

GORDO: Here!  A room without clocks.

VELDER: Haven’t you a watch?

GORDO:  Lost it someplace years ago.  Been late everywhere since.

VELDER:  Missed trains did you?

GORDO:  Lots.

VELDER:  Lose buses?

GORDO:  Or course. 

VELDER:  Still cross about it?

GORDO:  Who couldn’t be!  No time, no order, no order, no bloody patience.

VELDER:  Could be worse I’d spose.

GORDO:  Hardly seems that way with all the running, after the trains and buses, bought new shoes damn near weekly.  A terrible fate!

VELDER:  Made it to the store for shoes, somehow.  All was not lost.

GORDO:  Hell if I haven’t lost days walking about.

VELDER:  [shrugs] Better to have days to lose than nothing at all.

GORDO:  [agitated] You’re a real chipper lad, eh.  Glass half full fellow.

VELDER:  No use in an empty glass, never quenched my thirst that way.

GORDO:  A thirst for what?

VELDER:  Simple things.  Catching the bus, a good pair of...

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after the worms,

                        the bird pulls

            a boot

from the soil,

                        a man inside it,

            he spits

clumps of dirt


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My mother says the grass must be burned. It’s the way of the prairie. New grass will come, thick and green, it will sustain new life, grazers and insects alike, she says, but the...

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The first night it rained cats and dogs,
we were terrified. A Doberman shattered
the neighbor’s windshield;

the highways were covered in blood and glass.
There were 19 fatalities,...

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I think a great idea to explore would be the benefits of fire, especially to a prairie ecosystem.  I live in Kansas, where the Spring months are full of smoke and charred Earth....

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INT. Living Room – Evening

A tall, slender man enters the room. He is balding, long limbed and wearing a sweater vest and loafers. He turns off a lamp near the door. He pulls the...

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Timothy arrives at a Halloween party in no discernible costume.

Girl dressed as cat: “And what are you supposed to be?”
Timothy: “An empty vessel afloat in a sea of hopelessness,...

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1. We played finger gunslingers every weekend, the thick brush and limestone through the orchard our battleground. We filled the bowls of our sweatshirts with pine cone grenades....

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blbest May 03, 2014

My grandmother’s piano has 89 keys.
The first 88 come standard on every
keyboard, but the 89th is specific
to only this instrument.

It rose from the wood the morning
she died. When her...

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that buried between
the bones of my body
are rockets aimed
at the sun,

that this sun can
never harm me
when I am this big,
when I am billions

of light years tall
and my wings bigger yet,

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Hello, uhh, how are you?

Good. You?

Not bad. You, uhh, sound nice.

Thanks, you too.

I would imagine you look nice as well, probably

New blouse, I like it.

This is just a little weird,...

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