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A handful of wonderful records I've enjoyed the past week.

by elayne
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A rap to the words of Metaphorest's incredible poem, (below) that she wrote for Wirrow's amazing image.  :)

"Meek boy, weak boy, frightened little lamb, boy.

Eat him up, beat him up, wham, bam, slam, boy

Wolfpack, lashback, put him in his place now

Little mite, first fight, fast went down

Bloodstains, mudstains, in his little limbs, pains

Choked up, broke up, hollow-heart and numb-brains

Toughen up, button up, chin held high, child

Knuckle down, shuffle round, wolves run wild

Months pass, maths class, picking on their victim

Gathered round, floorbound, punched him, kicked him

Can’t breathe, gotta leave, little lamb is broken

Never known, all alone, all unspoken"

Walk home, stalk home, slinking through the old park

Red eyes, dead eyes, spying in the dark

A wolf, boy! Run, boy! But he stops dead, see

Stand his ground, this round, finally

Meek boy, weak boy, shed his little lamb’s wool

Strong boy, wrong boy has his little belly full

Dead wolf, bled wolf, wear a suit of wolf hide

One of them, one of them, on the outside

One of them, one of them, on the outside



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+ + a graph of the line y=-1.5x

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I've been working on this for days. I still want to make some changes later, but I'm happy with this anyaway ~.-

* I will add every ressources now, but if one is missing, please tell me. *


I'm having trouble to REC my REmark so I leave it here :

ThankYouMerci for your RECs <3

@katieccny13 thanks, actually I tried to turn the packing person video into old style and it did not work as I wanted, so I changed it back. But what I'd like to had is a plate or glass being broken and then back :D When I'll have more time maybe...

@Metaphorest, oh my thank you, I'm so happy you like it. I've got this musique in my head for weeks. This is "one" of my favorites of yours <3 Je suis très touchée merci.

@todd thanks, I worked very hard on this for many days, to match the sequences. I'm always very happy when I have compliment about my editing :) I've never done this before hitRECord & I'm grateful to find so many challenges here. C'est ça la magie d'hitRECord !

@GabyVaughan & @blbest thankies :)

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