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blbest Released Feb 18, 2010

This is a short script I wrote a few years ago, but felt that it may fit some aspect of "The Number 2."  We're always told there's a missing half for all of us, that we're better together when we find the right match.  It's true for some of us, others not, but sometimes it does take 2, someone who understands us, who shares the same struggle, for us to feel more comfortable in our own skin.  Though this story is mostly fictional, I've found that it reflects much of what I've experienced in my own life.  I've had a myriad of health problems and once I found someone who was similarly afflicted, I found comfort in it, oddly, it's something that brings us closer together.  Sometimes it takes 2 for 1 to feel complete.  Here's a take on that:


INT. Bathroom - Morning

A man in his mid 20s stands in front of his bathroom mirror staring expressionless into the glass.  He has just woken up.  His hair is disheveled; He’s in boxers and a plain white t-shirt.  He opens the medicine cabinet behind the mirror to reveal each row of each shelf filled with neatly arranged bottles of pills.  He takes 7 bottles down, and removes a single pill from each, placing the bottles back in their appropriate place.  He lines each pill (in a different color) in a row on the edge of the sink, swallowing the first, then the last and alternating with an obvious pattern in mind.  He then proceeds to vigorously wash his hands.

INT. Waiting Room – 2 hours later

A nurse enters


“Hey Noah, are you ready to come on back?”...

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Every raindrop falls in hopes of building an ocean.


(I've had a single line of this written for awhile, but was still trying to figure out where to go with it, after reading through Joe's lyrics to "Nothing Big" again, I got...

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