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  • isolation/seclusion

  • need for privacy

  • need for alone time

  • positive/negative effects of complete isolation

  • loners

  • solitude as it relates to enlightenment

  • solitude as it relates to pleasure/punishment

  • solitude & creativity

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  • what/who/when determines the choices we make

  • what if we would have made the other choice

  • are we sometimes led to believe that we have a choice when really we don't

  • what choices have you made that you regret.. why?

  • what choices have you made that you're thankful for.. why?

  • how has choice changed your life or your views on life

  • we could do a take on a chose your own adventure

  • different options of choice within society and status

  • what happens when your choice is taken away or you're given a choice when you didn't have one before

  • chosing what we want to be in life

  • the power of choosing

  • adulthood choices vs. childhood choices

  • political voting

  • the anxiety or relief of not being chosen

  • societal impetus of making the "right choice"

  • complex factors (morals, logic, relationships, etc.) that affect decision-making

  • influences on making a choice

  • judgement

  • advertising

  • product choices

  • how we chose to use our time

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  • past memories, future dreams, present realities

  • what does it mean to be in the now

  • what was it like living in the past (other decades, other centuries) & how have we changed?

  • what will be like living in the future & how will that change us

  • past lives, reincarnation

  • past, present & future culture (music, cinema, arts, theatre, internet)

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  • there can be a fine line between the beginning & the end

  • to every end there is a new beginning

  • what are the commonalities between the beginning & the end of life

  • the beginning of a new decade and the end of the old

  • we can discuss when we've chosen to end and begin again

  • the beginning & the end of stories

  • what about the space in between the beginning & the end

  • the beginning & the end of time

  • myths & stories about the beginning & the end

  • to every beginning, is there an end? to every end, is there a new beginning?

You get the idea :)

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Spinning off of the theme NOTHING:

  • omissions/editing

  • absence of senses (deaf/blind)

  • color-blindness

  • chosing to omit something

  • the absence of something/someone

  • absence of sound

  • absence of color in art

  • absent-mindedness

  • nothingness

  • negative space

  • what absence reveals

  • "Growth in love comes from a place of absence, where the imagination is left to it’s own devices and creates you to be much more then reality would ever allow."

  • shortage/famine

  • extinction

  • process of elimination

  • absence makes the heart grow fonder

  • abstinence

  • things we can/cannot live with/without

  • subtraction

  • absence of time

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Spinning off of themes FAMILY & YOUR MOM, we could focus on siblings:

  • relationships with older/younger siblings

  • step-siblings

  • how siblings influence our choices

  • sibling secrets

  • friends that are like siblings to us ("you're like a brother to me")

  • only/youngest/middle/oldest child

  • telling on your sibling

  • "favorite child"

  • games played with siblings

  • looking up to our siblings

  • siblings in a parent role

p.s. sibling is a really weird word to look at after awhile.

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