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38 separate stems on this one...


FINALLY finally finished this (Life got in the way :) ). Thanks to all the encouragement that i got in the tiny chat and esp. THANKS to Metaphorest who had the wonderful/cute/funny idea about what pelicans can do and what they can't do :).

by gwy
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Loved your character design and because I haven't drawn for a year or so, I thought I would have a go again with your drawing as the inspiration :). Well done! Also, coming from someone doing animation (although I don't animate very well) you should definitely get this into a film!
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This is a character design inspired heavily by my pet white's tree frog Yeb Yeb. I loved his little personality. He is a patient, calculating, little explorer. So in turn I made this journeyman, explorer character.

I really like how he came out. I am also finishing up a sculpted maquette of him as well. So fun! :)
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It's been a full and crazy year, but it's nearing that time where we all can start a fresh new page. A blank canvas ready to be filled with new art and new memories. Happy New Year everyone <3

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wirrow first Released this song back in the springtime.  The first thing I did after the first time I heard it was email dan, saying "I found your new favorite song."  He and I share a love for the pleasantly repetitive.

Other musicians added to it, PixelPilgrim and ChenelyWelly added to wirrow's vocals from the female persuasion.  Nels Cline played hot guitar.  Jeff Peff added percussion and edited the whole thing together into its current form.

The hypno-face template is one of the cooler aesthetic feats our mass collaborative process has achieved so far: wirrow drawing the first face, then hundreds of hitRECorders coloring it into diversity.

And the work of a whole lot of video artists went into this montage I've cut.  Too many to name in this description, but I'll cite the resources below.  (I've listed some so far, but I'll have to dig around to find the rest)  The footage of dan spinning comes from Vanya, who is well intent on uploading the resource, I know because he's standing right next to me.

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Just me, being...a more sappy version of me because of the holidays.
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To such a greeting: villain am I none;
Therefore farewell; I see thou know'st me not.
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sfdetroiter suggested the girls' feet be on the edge of the frame
so i made her bigger (and played with the painting some more!)
by moonbug
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This might be one of my favorite pictures taken. The fish's face is priceless.
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Something I composed and I believe the title explains it all.
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The "tiny stories" collaboration that wirrow started last spring is far and away the most active collaboration in hitRECord's five years. There've been thousands of contributions, and now we've compiled, curated, refined and remixed thirty-one gems into a beautiful work of tangible publishing -- The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories.

This short film adaptation of the tiny story "dandeLion" started with words from JustMeg. DaniBananas illustrated it, and I did some voiceover. Marielv did this beautiful animation while adding some piano from jstandifird, and lastly I took my best guess at what a lion might sound like sneezing.

Purchase the TIny Book of Tiny Stories here:
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despite his pleasant nature
Bah, the bug who liked to hum
was universally disliked.
by wirrow
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