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"An anthem can be “oh say can you see”
About a people fighting the “good” fight towards prosperity
Or the words can go “god save the queen”
Not hard to divine what those sentences mean
The words may change as they flit between lands
But there is an undeniable sameness that any anthem demands
Those people are singing with a sense of pride and unity
And while not patriotic myself it’s a sight I cant see
Without feeling a little tug at my heart
That while those people are pulled together I am pushed apart
Left standing perpetually cold on the fringe
Wishing it was a dream that would stop with a pinch
What are the words that my people can chant?
I can’t be the only one needing to rant
So it was the first of June and once again felt quite isolated
After having been told that my art work was hated
For being overly creepy and twisted beyond need
When I looked down on my phone and saw I had a message to read
It was simple and said that “there was this site I should check
The moment my at&t black hole lets me get on the internet
It’s called hitrecord and well, it’s pretty odd
Which made me think you might like it” (and of course I just nod)

And then I found our anthem, our place
Where the outsiders can gather, without fear of disgrace
Where our words and songs are written each and every day
And illuminated as well, for those who prefer to communicate that way

So Hear ye hear ye
All you losers, devils, and punks
All you scum, and you dirt bags, artists and drunks
All you live in the shadow-ers, hidden masterminds
All you digital communicators, waiting behind closed blinds,
All you smile too wide-rs with gaps in your teeth
All you social climbers (as well as those beneath)
All you fiends and musicians, chain smokers, and oddities
All you fighting the never-ending human disease
All you right wing and left, the full spectrum in fact
All you who desperately desire some human contact
All you follow the rule-rs (and those who break them too)
In here we are all outsiders waiting just for you
You are different, and dare I say, a little bizarre
But we like you quite a lot, just the way you are
So join us, hit record and see what transpires
Here your weirdness is adored-- welcome Outliers."

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