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Session 28

I am Tom Warren. I am 35 years old. I am a songwriter. I am happy. Actually, I am a man who says he is happy. I am, in reality, a man of worry. I am a man of little sleep, money, and accomplishment. I am a doubter, a drinker, a foolish risk-taker. I am a man deeply concerned about my future.

Session 1

The warehouse was in a strange part of town. When Tom arrived, the roll-up door roared open to reveal a man with a thick beard, wearing board shorts and socks to his knees. "Are you ready for a life upgrade?" asked the man, half shouting. He introduced himself as Jasper Hammerstein and gave a tour of the facility, which amounted to a messy corner desk and a large mirror on the wall. "Don't look so worried Tom," said Jasper. "If Walt Disney were alive today, this would be his method for living eternally."

The Ad

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Session 2

Jasper called the mirror a Neuroscanner. "Looks like a regular mirror," said Tom. "It is, and more," said Jasper. "It maps your consciousness via electrical brain patterns. Once your consciousness is duplicated, a digital version will appear on screen. We can then program a virtual life of your choosing and store it for eternity." Jasper positioned Tom in front of the mirror and said, "Your only task is to speak a declarative "I am" statement into the mirror. Like, I am Jasper. I am a Doctor of Computer Engineering, and so forth." Tom stared at his perplexed reflection. "So it's not me, but a copy of me?"

Session 29

On the second to last session, Tom...

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“What do you remember?”
The doctor’s voice grated on me like shattered glass being ground onto a thousand chalkboards. If I had had full motor control and were capable of fully...

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           I don’t know if you’re there or not, I suppose I just talk to you out of habit, “Never an atheist in a foxhole.” right?
I’m sorry to have to say that the book of yours...

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      Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy for a kidney stone. Cytotoxic Antibiotic Therapy for early-onset rheumatoid arthritis. Assisted Oxygen Therapy for Hantavirus. Suramine...

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