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drew this while in Google Hangout


RLP no. 36: conceptual self portrait

I get it all the time where I happen to be making a face that expresses the total opposite to what I'm actually feeling, eg. I apparently look concerned when I'm actually reflecting on a good day. And then there are some people who can read too accurately what I'm thinking just by looking at my face. Just last night my friend said "don't worry you can wait in the car, I can tell by your face you don't want to move." It was really dark too so how she managed to read that baffled me. This photo is actually one of the outtakes from what I was originally planning to do, but now I'm curious, what do you read?

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My camera isn't that great but I made a timelapse video of the blood moon the other night. 

Enjoy and happy remixing.



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RLP wk 36: conceptual self portrait

by Laural
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is the word

people like to use

to describe a tragedy

when they want it

to feel like a


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There is no way to win through

The glass into the light beyond

Where the electricity runs with the hum of a song

That no one has sang since before we were born

While moths crawl the length of my arms

And leave prints of their wings in dust

Up and down the place on my neck

That I never want you to touch again

I wish there'd been some kind of chemical on your lips

That could have scarred me, branded my collarbones

A scarlet letter to wear for my shame

Not shame of you, but shame of me

For letting how my heart felt dictate what I believed

A tyrant inside a ribcage, just waiting to ravage the body outside

And I know that I'd destroy you if given half the chance

My hands were not meant to save anything

Not you, not anyone else

They're better off at my sides, being eaten alive by moths

An exhibit of failed intent for the crowd to laugh at

They'd call me a monster, a beast with one back

A spine that doesn't bend enough to retract

So it's become a cross with no god to make it a metaphor

I'm a shitty church that no one prays in anymore

If you fell now, you'd fall for a leper

And when you dragged me anywhere, I'd keep dropping pieces

Until there was nothing left but a trail of me 

For you to follow all the way back home

So what am I meant to love if not you?

An attic with no roof, a gathering of moths around my little light?

They've no feelings for me to hurt, hearts too simple for me to break

Just let me lead myself down into the cellar with no floor

And fall into the abyss, where Virgil waits whistling 

Even if sometimes you lay awake at night

And think that maybe all this drivel is just what you needed

To keep the wolves from the door

But it's not, it's just the blood soaking the lawn

Let the moths come, let them gnaw at my nail beds

If it meant I couldn't ruin your life any more

Than the ones who came before

And left the window open 

When they vanished

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by Googy
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WIRC #2-skyline

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Photo by LineDreamer. :-)

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