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Stitched up

Threaded with yarn

Mostly pieces

That aren't us

Made into one

As though we

Could be fixed

By foreign parts

Of a stranger

And yet I'm quiet

With a patchwork mouth

I can't keep closed

Even though

It knows the red

You cover yourself in

How many poems

Must a writer write

Before anyone believes

He's more than just words?


Poor metaphors

Declarations of love

I wish you could decipher

But even then

He knows you know

And that's the part

That feels most

Like death

The part that feels


Like a dream

Or rather

Waking from one

And if you're that,

A dream, a nightmare

Then steal the air

From this familiar room

And just let me,

Let me go back to sleep


(2014) pencil, ink, digital color

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I can easily say one of the highlights for the year was flying to the UK to see the ever-fab Pamagotchi dance in the Somerset lavender fields so I could make a cinemagraph out of it. 

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(2014) pencil, ink, digital color

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This is more just an information sketch book page on the tribe that the Rainbow Crow story originates from: the Lenni Lenape tribe, as well as a potential visualization for the story. The sketches are based on research and photographs taken of this tribe (known as Lenape, Lenni Lenape or the Delware Indians (the name given to them by the European settlers)) and are as close as I can get to genuine tribal traditions. We dont have much visual representation of indigenous peoples on HitRecord, despite the wealth of amazing imagery associated with those cultures. This story could be a brilliant opportunity for us to really dive into them, and also respectfully and accurately portray a classic folk legend.

Suggested Visual Treatment for Rainbow Crow:
Color and light play such a huge part in this story, that I think the color choices in the illustrations should be quite minimal and very intentional. During the ravages of winter, keep the world mostly muted in grays, blacks and ghostly blues (this includes the people and the animals) with the exception being Rainbow Crow. As Crow flies towards the home of “the creator who creates by thinking what will be” there are slight yellows coming from the low hanging sun but still Crow is the most vivid and most beautiful. As Crow carries the stick back towards earth the fires blazes with the same intensity of Crow’s rainbow wings which are slowly turning that deep unforgiving black. The beauty of the color is not entirely lost though because once fire is brought to earth and given to the people and the animals, whatever it illuminates is filled with bursts of color all the exact hues that used to present in Crow’s wings.

by tdolan
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Stop, repeat, play the tape back, cut to the scene I love

When I found the low light to be as warm as the rising sun

And we stepped on each other's toes and I failed to believe

In anything that hadn't to do with you and me

But as time is wont to do, hours passed, and left me on the shoulder

Fast forward to memories I haven't yet forgotten

And we're not even close to the figures we used to be

One broken, one lost, both parties present but at tremendous cost

Maybe I'll pour another drink and meet your eyes over glass

Sing a song I wrote that was already about you and I in the past

Try to save the pieces, put this puzzle back together

Knowing that the picture on the box couldn't mend me now

Even if we could find every jigsaw part to fit

It's still just the double exposure of me apart from you

Nursing bottles all the way to the coast

And back again, without the heat of your breath so close

I'm not the thing that shattered you, not the rock nor the arrow

But I watched the avalanche play its tune in F Sharp 

While records spun mute like scorched ballerinas

What is it that I'm trying to bring into the grave with me?

A semblance of closure, maybe, or knowing I'm not just another hornet

In the swarm that pulled the skin right off your frame

Until all that remained, was a skeleton that couldn't change

And never would

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by tdolan
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EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord your unique stories and experiences for this Q&A:

  • What would you try and save if your home were on fire, and why? Would you just let everything burn?




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So here's a really belated cheque photo, since it came through the mail the day after I caught a plane to HoA UK. But it is unbelievably super duper to come home to a cheque that will help pay off a trip to meet hitRECorders in person. gahh I'm officially a paid artist! You're all pretty marv, influencing what I'd like to do in life and so forth. Thank you for everything. <3




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For Cerebis's collab.  2 takes; 1st is my favourite.

This is why I'm not an actress, ha ha.

RAW and encoded in h.264, but let me know if you want higher res versions, or if you'd like me to redo.


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I have dark thoughts.

Sometimes, I think about doing things.

Bad things.

But I would never actually do anything.

Everyone has dark thoughts.

Don’t they?

by cerebis
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