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Innervations (Part I)
annmarie57 Released 19 hours ago

Tonight the screams are cut short as the blood starts to pool in my mouth.


Fuck, I hate this one.


I push the duvet to the side and begin to roll out of bed as the tension builds up in my left shoulder. As I push myself off the bed the joint pops out. Awesome. Fan-fucking-tastic. I didn't even make it to the fucking bathroom. The blood continues to pool within my mouth as I slowly make my way to the door, and I fight the lightheadedness and the darkness at the corners of my eyes. It'll only be worse if I pass out. Right as I reach the sink I feel the tension strike up against three of my left ribs. I manage to brace the majority of my weight into my right side before I feel the first crack. You'd think you get used to this after a few years but goddamn if the ribs don't always hurt like a bitch. I spit the blood into the sink and almost intuitively my body spasms and bile rises in my throat. I feel the tension build in my mouth and prepare for the crack of my second to last molar. At the same time I can feel the thin line forming within my canine, and I resist the urge to fold into myself as a second rib breaks inward. I lean into the sink and spit the molar, along with half of the canine into the sink, joining the pooling blood and bile. I run my tongue over the remaining part of my canine and resist heaving a sigh as I turn the tab to clean out the sink.


I readjust the weighted right side of my body so I can view the damage in the full length mirror across the room. This night is always a bad one. Granted, none of them are particularly great, but this one was one for the...

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annmarie57 Jan 05, 2015

So, I originally did this when I first joined in 2012, and it seems to be going around the communtiy again, so I decided to do a little update <3

If you had to pick one song to...

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