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I wanted to contribute to the Loops Collab using footage found here on HR.

As well, I came up with the concept of the loop of a day.

I thought It would be fun to do a little work in After Effects. Maybe to tide myself over while my larger animations were sitting on the back burner.

So I fired this one out using AE. Lots of fun! If you're looking to create some great kinetic text, look no further than SureTarget by VideoCopilot. It's FREE! And REALLY helpful.

Enjoy and Please use it!! Nothing would make me happier than to see some results using this!

REVISION: Added the AE file as a zip in the Results section.
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This is my first RECord, and I thought I would use nothing but existing hitRECord materials for my first endeavor.

I absolutely loved seasonticket's voice recording of tommacarte's poem. I felt like it deserved a video, but first I felt like music was needed.

This is step one of a larger project I want to complete. I am imagining a kinetic type, or similar video for this piece. I have seen the existing video, and think we can do even more with it!

So, with that in mind, I added in a bit of music by ryancohen and michellek, and voila.

The icon I made from a photo by fraeulein. I have noticed the RECords that get the most hits all have custom icons. :)

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Happy Holidays from HitRECord!

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I took up the 30 second challenge with the "What is hitRECord?" video. This is my first attempt. 30 Seconds is hard to get down all the ideas of hitRECord. Just a taste really.

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