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by amylion
so this is a song..poem. Not that wonderful in the singing department but when it was written solely as a poem i didn't like it as much. It was written in honor of BURNING dAN , but also is sort of dedicated to my mother. We lose people, it's inevitable, whether it be by choice or not, doesn't have much to do with it. We all feel, we all cry. Why not, let us all sing of freedom? <3
I am a product of the system
never gonna miss them
momma was a whore
dad didn't want us no more
mom left me at the door of the agency
because she was too lazy to care for me
a baby was a burden, sex was the key
STD's were the consequence
where did that leave me?
in the hands of the first Bush roaming the country
looking for someone to call family
you learn not to get attached
because then you'll be leaving
the hand of another foster mother
is what you'll be seizing
took the knife to my wrist when life got too tough
every time i was so close to freedom
but not close enough
beaten, molested, ripped, torn
but i must keep moving forward
I've been in your position where the world is about to end
where you feel the blade is your only friend
you see, this world is rotting slowly like a banana in summer
and we don't know when the hell to blow over
we stay on the same issues, making no progress
and the only ones we blame is fuckin congress
when the hell will we see that the change
needs to be me, needs to be you, needs to be US
cuz seriously we can't keep relying on those whose faces lye on
the side of a fucking bus
look at me
a teen damned to be nothing
yet I'm up here telling you
that though my moms gone,
and my dad never met me
im gonna get my shit together and
be something.
by amylion
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Again by heart <3
by amylion
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by amylion
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Are we recording?
by amylion
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To be born on the darkest day of the year sort of sets you up for a pretty black and white existence. It also doesn't help that my last name is “Black” Veronica Gertrude Black, born December 21, 1992. My father is a mortician, my mother a lawyer. I think their professions very much add to my lack of color seeing ability. I Veronica Black (I leave out the middle name because it is heinous) am color blind. I have been living like this for...all of my life. I never really knew that I was missing out on anything until kindergarten where every step I took I was asked what my favorite color was. I always said black, and of course since I didn't say the typical “pink” “yellow” “blue like the sky” the teachers thought I was a deranged 6 year old. But that did not bother me. I liked living in a simple world, I never took years to get dressed in the morning because I never cared if anything matched. I didn't want to dye my hair in 7th grade like every other 13 year old because my hair was a decent shade of black in my eyes so changing it wouldn't have really made a difference... I can honestly say that this colorless life I was leading helped me somewhat escape the strangling hands of superficiality. I loved it. Hey it also made my parents lives easier when it came to shopping for me, or the color of the icing on the cake. Life was easy...until I met him.

You know it is pretty cool to say that I was born on a bright summer night. I uhh, well I was born on the longest day of the year, June 21, 1992 baby, that's me... Lucas Lennor White. Born at 7pm...and it was bright outside. Well at least that's what my pops told me. Haha, my name is pretty ironic. Lucas means light...Lennor means summer or spring or whatever it is that Google said, and a pretty light color if you ask me. I would like to believe that, my birthday is the reason I have led a pretty happy life as of now. Everything is always beautiful to me, always bright. I wore the same yellow shirt with pikachu on it every single day of third grade. My mom used to have to fight it away from me to wash it. Haha I still love that shirt, reminds me of the good times I had with Ash (Cath'em of course) on Saturday mornings at 8 am when I turned on the TV to WB 11 cartoons, to find Pokemon waiting for me. I still believe that 90's TV will forever be engraved in world history as the best gift given to a generation of youngsters. I mean come on Doug, Hey Arnold, THE ANGRY BEAVERS...that is, my friend some precious territory right there, that us 90's babies hold sacred. But yea I've led a pretty regular life. I play the common sports...and I play them well. Ive had girlfriends here and there. I get good grades, I mean my life was together...until we met.

Well this is a short story..possibly future play or screenplay or is something. i like it quite a bit. just wanted to get some opinions on where it should go, some additions, illustrations..anything. hope you enjoy it. my future idea for their meeting is that she sees color for the first time in his eyes...eyes that until then he believed to be gray...meaning he himself can't see a color...but I'm unsure...and i was thinking that the entire story is an interview on their lives and that's how we learn everything about them...anyway all feedback is good feedback. :)

-Amy. Again by heart.
by amylion
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ok, so you know that feeling when you want something and have no idea what it is?
when you feel like it is right there at the tip of your tongue but it just won't roll off?
ok i think we're on the same page here.
when i first wake up, after my scheduled visit to the bathroom, the only thing on my mind is breakfast. so i walk into the kitchen. My GOODNESS! there is just so much there and i know what i want but have no idea how to verbalize it, so i begin searching.
after about 5 minutes i look at the counter and to my surprise there is flour, eggs, milk, and butter, then i look to my right and there it is..the golden pan. the one that is used for one thing in my family, and one thing only...PANCAKES!
i mean its things like that, even if just simply pancakes, that bring a smile to my face.
i hope we can all find the simple "pancakey" things in our lives that make us smile, because honestly...theres nothing better. :)
by amylion
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Hey hitRECord! I am a freshmen studying theatre at NYU, and I am writing my final paper on our beautiful home here on hitRECord. If you could please take the time to answer some if not all the questions below as truthfully as possible it would be extremely helpful. Thank you, Happy Recording! <3

1.    What is your creative process consist of? Do you think that the process of       creation should be private?

2.    Do you allow yourself to be censored by the likes and dislikes of society? Are you ever afraid to take your work a step further?

3.    What pushed you to fall in love with the idea of collaboration?

4.    What do you think people could learn from collaborating, and what have you yourself learned?

5.    Do you believe that a piece of art can ever be “finished”?

6.    How do you think the media limits artists today?

7.    What piece of artwork are you most proud of?

8.    How have your family and friends influenced you in your growth as an artist?

9.   Do you think your art contributes to a greater cause? If so what is it?

10. Has there been anything that has happened in your life that has made you doubt your self worth/ ability to create?

11. What has been one of the best moments that you have had here on hitRECord that you wouldn't have been able to have anywhere else?

**12. for those who have had a more intimate influence in keeping hitRECord running. How did you get involved in the running of hitRECord? How has doing so influenced your love for art? Did you ever expect hitRECord to become so succesful? anything else you'd like to say about hitRECord!

THANK YOU! If you want to Record your responses go ahead, if you want to email them to me you can do that! My email is Be as honest and as free as you want with your responses. When I finish the paper I shall upload it for all of us. Truly love you all, Again by heart <3


-Amy :)

by amylion
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