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We Cry.
amylion Released Nov 09, 2010
so this is a song..poem. Not that wonderful in the singing department but when it was written solely as a poem i didn't like it as much. It was written in honor of BURNING dAN , but also is sort of dedicated to my mother. We lose people, it's inevitable, whether it be by choice or not, doesn't have much to do with it. We all feel, we all cry. Why not, let us all sing of freedom? <3
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I am a product of the system
never gonna miss them
momma was a whore
dad didn't want us no more
mom left me at the door of the agency
because she was too lazy to care for me
a baby was a...
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To be born on the darkest day of the year sort of sets you up for a pretty black and white existence. It also doesn't help that my last name is “Black” Veronica Gertrude Black,...
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amylion Dec 22, 2010
ok, so you know that feeling when you want something and have no idea what it is?
when you feel like it is right there at the tip of your tongue but it just won't roll off?
ok i...
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Hey hitRECord! I am a freshmen studying theatre at NYU, and I am writing my final paper on our beautiful home here on hitRECord. If you could please take the time to answer some if...

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