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This Moment
alnh2009 Released May 31, 2012

I'm laying in the middle of my nearly empty apartment living room with only my cat to keep me company. My bowl sits with me, exhausted. Just sitting, looking, thinking, feeling with some song that i can't recall the name of playing in my mind. No worries or tasks to accopmlish. There are things I probably "should" be doing but I'd much rather do this. I lay down and feel the warmth of the setting sun through the glass door burning my feet. I look at my reflection in the t.v. stand's glass cabinets. I'm enjoying my apple. I begin to watch Akbar walk to a warm place on the carpet and lie down. So comfortable. I'm absorbing this moment. Enjoying my senses. I want to document these images and thoughts to remember. But I don't want to move for fear of spoiling the moment. 

"I am doing nothing right now except being in my head. I'm soaking in the stillness of myself.  But it would be a shame if I forgot about this. It's existence is lost if there are no memories of it." 

So I get up and I move to my bedroom closet to find my camera. I want to document the aesthetics of this moment. The long shadows on the carpet cast by the setting sun through the window, Akbar basking underneath them, my sleeping bowl,  my reflection...

When I unpack my camera bag I notice it's contents strewn about randomly. I just notice. I put together some pieces and a camera is ready. I lay down and shoot. For a couple minutes. Still life. Not quite doing the trick for me. But it was fun. I want to have an in-depth memory of this moment. Its growth, progression, and pieces. 

Oh, the sun moved. I'll move back...

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