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Six months ago, I had a dream that I met Jess in New Zealand.

We drink and talk and dance. She is everything that you have said she was. She is unbearably light. I tell her that she looks how I imagine you would if you were a girl. She tells me that my mind is what she imagines yours would be if you were a girl. When the world closes down, we go to her apartment and lay under the covers on her bed. She kisses me, and I kiss her. We are blissfully happy. We are in love. It is bright in the morning. It has been a marvelous sleep. Jessica is awake, smiling at me, and I smile back. She asks me to stay another day, and I tell her that I can’t. She tells me that she understands. I can see it in her eyes, that she does and that she loves me and that she wants me to stay and that she will not be sad that I don’t, that she is holding on to nothing and that is why she floats so high above everyone else and why you desperately want to be with her and why Jessica and I will always love each other, because we are two sides of a coin, and neither side is dark, but one side is heavy and one side is light, and together we feel our completion. You love her because you are heavy. You love me because I am heavy, too. In my dream, every paradox makes sense. We all love each other, and we will all be happy, and no one is grasping at anything because love and friendship aren’t things that have boundaries or geographies. Jess and I kiss each other goodbye and are more full and more human and more alive, and it is not something that fades.

It was only a dream, though. She isn’t light; she’s cheap....

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alittlegrim Mar 08, 2013

Raindrops dance a disco on her coat of many colours. 


The picture "Floating Yellow" reminded me of this story I wrote based on some yellow falling dreams that plagued me for a bit.


It was a yellow day. Artificially, offensively...

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It was a purple day. Strange light, lumpy clouds, heavy air. Everything spoke of tornadoes, the elements whispered a warning, the now-gentle breeze across her skin writing in the...

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