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I am not a spectacle,
To be watched, analysed and discussed.
I am not a punch bag,
To be beaten, battered and bust.
I am not a whisper,
Talked behind ones back

I am not a robot,
Void of emotion, simply fact.
I am not a timepiece,
Wound up constantly.
I am not a clue,
To be searched for and to see.

I am not a object,
For sale or to lease.
I am just a person,
Neither beauty nor the beast.

You’re my match, but you’ve struck out,

A wasted journey, no shadow of doubt.

Your personality's changed, you say I’m flawed.

Pick up the phone, irony’s called.

You sit, you sit and...

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by alexjackson May 21, 2012
by alexjackson May 21, 2012
by alexjackson Oct 01, 2012