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I can hear them whisper
Can you?
Their rough fingers beckon, their paper mouths
sing the words of a lifetime
Thousands upon thousands, the vaults
of many generations, filled to the brim
with all
the knowledge in the world
Ink stained tongues tell a thousand tales, of warriors
and princesses, of magic and tragedy,
of romance
of adventure
of everything you can think of
And the words call out, weaving spells in your
mind as you eagerly devour the knowledge
eyes skimming
lips tasting
The forbidden feeling of knowing fills you with
delight, with 
The paper tongues fall silent, if only 
for a moment
Then ink stained tongues take up the words of
a lifetime and sing to you
the inkspells.

The Inkspells
agirlnamedwhimsy Released ago
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Butter yellow beams crash upon our tanned shoulders

As we climbthe grassy hills that beckon with their emerald stalksFrom atop our glorious kingdom mountainwe see our fortress of colored stonesSee our noble steeds, the three-wheeled beaststhat roam our landWe sit on mossy thrones and bask in thewarm rays of the golden jewel above our headsAnd we lie down on soft hills, delighting in the smellof our kingdom, a bright,new, lovely, warm smellthat fills all with a bubbling excitementRoll down the mossy hills, feel as each emerald stalk...