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Lede and Billboard
abbyarmbruster Released Sep 01, 2011

"There are certain classics you don't want to fuck with," Joseph Gordon-Levitt stated, and while his comment was made about the traditional Levi 501s, Gordon-Levitt's entire site,, is dedicated to completely fucking with the classics. 

While sitting with Time Magazine's Joel Stein, Gordon-Levitt discussed so-called original ideas that were not quite, for instance, Mozart creating "new" symphonies based off of folk songs and Shakespeare borrowing plot lines for his now-famous "original" plays. 

In similar fashion, HitRecord members upload original content and others mix, add, subtract, shred the original matter into something completely new. 

"The process is all happening. Our keeps getting better," Gordon-Levitt said. In order to show a finalized product, began releasing books, movies, and live shows to validate what is capable of.

In 2010, 100 people saw Gordon-Levitt live each night in the few-and-far-between live shows. Comparatively, 2011 brings a bigger venue, reserving space for 1,800 guests per show.  With the continued success of, Gordon-Levitt said he can see HitRecord growing substantially in the next two or three years and make a much more significant profit for all of the collaborators on

With the newest book, Recollections, Gordon-Levitt had to pay 471 contributors for their work.  Even if the financial amount is not multiple figures, being published and getting the artistic recognition is worth more than any paycheck could provide to these artists.  The joy of writing, filming,...

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