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Here be what I think are the niftiest of nifty things that I have done. Subject to change natch. :D

I've been cobbling this together in between things over the last few weeks using kdenlive.  This is my first go at video editing.   Many thanks go out to FallingAlice, my ex-partner in science, and my mom for giving this multiple looks.  I could probably keep redoing the VO forever and still not be happy so, it's time to just let it go and foist it on the world. :)

\o/  Fun facts time! \o/

In order of appearance:

  • I took the footage of the Chicago city skyline when I went home for ye olde winter holidays last year. The lat and long is my best guess via google maps as to where I normally go to sit and think 

  • If you look to the right on the driving vid you'll see the Field Museum 

  • The "Join us in exploring space!" vid is from Adler and I took it accidentally but never deleted it for some reason. Yey happy mistakes! :)

  • The clouds vid I took while flying back to Chicago for the holidays.

More information about some of the places/things I mentioned (in order of mentioning)

Note:  I'm trying to get all the resources added but it's being a bit finicky.

  • My Favorite Thing: Family Portrait (Text) by _hayling

  • My Favorite Thing: Family Portrait (VO) by _hayling

  • old four score by AlmostSound  (I slowed it down a touch to time it with the VO)

  • Storyboard Template by gyllenmaya  Super helpful when I was trying to organize clips and timing

  • Spinning Red Button Bumper by missamerica

  • Chicago skyline at night with special guest Lake Michigan by _hayling

  • Blowing, swirling, snowy sky - RAW by LilacAmy11

  • Christmas Snowdust [Stock Footage] by eaneikciv

  • Raw T-Rex footage by LilacAmy11

  • Join us in exploring space! (stock footage) by _hayling

  • Lightning! by dreamerashley

  • RAW Road Footage - Chicago by CynicalSincerity

  • light at the end of the tunnel by msmeganonymous

  • Chicago Red Line - Looking Back by rekersting

  • Through the clouds by _hayling





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Written by FallingAlice (

Natalie:  aszarkowski (
Mom: _hayling (
Crazy Racist Cousin:  Day Glo (
Guy from high school:  DevinLevi (

Mottelz put together a cut with honeysaeb as Natalie, myself as Mom, himself as crazy racist cousin, and Devin as guy form high school and that's located here:  When I heard Alyssa's reading of Natalie I didn't want to see it all alone and unused. I was also curious as to what the cousin would sound like with a more posh accent so I dropped Day Glo a line to see if he would came to play and he fantastically said yes. :D


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This is an answer to tdolan's call for VO for Our Anthem: The Merry Band of Outliers (spoken word). This took half a dozen takes to get and for some reason I kept stumbling over "All you fighting the never-ending human disease" so I left it out.

So...yeah. First time literally hitting record.  Nerves, what nerves? ;)

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