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I'm so proud of the beautiful "Little Red Riding Hood Redux" book we created together for our inaugural issue of The hitRECorderly! I really love when the stuff we work on as a community becomes a physical record.


VISUAL ARTISTS: Our Summer Collection is gonna be less hitRECord-branded as we shift our focus from who we are to WHAT WE MAKE. We're also gonna focus the apparel styles more toward women.


SINGERS, RAPPERS, & DJs: Come make a hook or chorus for the new remix of the hip-hop track "For Mallory" we're producing. This new mix we're gonna make together is gonna be sick so come work with us on it!


Thanks Again!





FCP by MattConley

as per matt's request. because of the way the text was incorporated into the image, I made two slightly altered textless versions which extend or combine other graphic elements from the B design to re-balance the image.
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Wanna be in my new movie "Don Jon's Addiction?"

If you are in the Los Angeles area between the dates of 5/25 and 6/21/12 and you are interested in being a background actor in my movie, then submit your info to the following e-mail address:


Please include the following information in your e-mail:

* Age

* A current photo of yourself

* Phone number

* Availability schedule between 5/25 and 6/21/12


E-mail us quickly as these slots are gonna fill up real fast! :oD

Thanks Again!



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Your contributions to the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Vol. 2 collab have been outstanding, but now it's time to focus in on some STORIES THAT NEED ILLUSTRATIONS!

wirrow, your Resident Director, has got some direction for all you ILLUSTRATORS out there:

You should check out the album "tiny stories that need illustrations." At the moment these stories are naked and need to be clothed with illustrations.

But here's the thing about illustrating these Tiny Stories... In many cases you don't want to necessarily be literal. Try and add something new to the story through your illustration by giving it a new twist, or a new interpretation. Your illustrations don't always have to reveal the punchline either. You may want to try and misdirect the audience in some way.

We do have less than a month before our deadline, so.... yeah. HURRY UP!






Effects by wirrow // FCP by Dr. Gory

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THE REGULARITY #70 (05/15/12)


DESIGNERS: We are going to make a whole new collection of merchandise for The RECord Store: tee-shirts, posters, tote bags, postcards, bookmarks… all kinds of stuff! Come contribute to the Summer Collection 2012

BIG NEWS!: The RECord Store profit proposals have just been released! Come check 'em out and join the discussion. We need your input by May 29th.

WRITERS: Your Resident Director wirrow requests your skills! RE: The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Vol. 2!  Oh, and we have a June deadline so we gotta hurry! :oD


Thanks Again!





FCP by Dr. Gory

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We're well into the production of the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Vol. 2 and Resident Director wirrow has some advice on how you can get involved.

There's already thousands of Tiny Stories and illustrations in the collaboration, BUT WE NEED MORE!

There are STORIES THAT NEED ILLUSTRATIONS and ILLUSTRATIONS THAT NEED STORIES. Then those stories and illustrations can be edited and remixed.

There's a fudging heck of a lot to do so we hit our June deadline!


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by Marke
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The hitRECord community and I are pleased to bring you our new record subscription series: THE HITRECORDERLY — A QUARTERLY RECORD RELEASE! You can subscribe for just $59.00 and you'll get a limited edition record every season (spring, summer, autumn, and winter.) That's 4 issues a year for less than $15 a pop!

Not only can you subscribe to the HITRECORDERLY, but you can be a part of each issue's creation. These records we make together will be a limited edition release and they're gonna sell out, so subscribing will ensure you get each release. Plus you'll save yourself some cash.


Thanks again!






FCP by Dr. Gory
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Just practicing some pattern making in photoshop...

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Some pretty big news was announced today — I'm gonna direct a movie I wrote!  It may be the biggest announcement of my life and I'm super excited about it. :oD

I wanted to take a minute and discuss what this news means for us at hitRECord.  This feature project is going to be a traditionally produced film.  One day I aspire to do an entire feature film using's open-collaborative creative process.  However, I think it is  important to have experience directing a feature in the traditional way.  I do hope the community will be involved in this project some how, in various ways — and, I'll discuss that soon when the time comes...

But, what does this mean for hitRECord while I'm directing this feature?  Well, we've been planning for this internally for quite a while.  hitRECord has grown a lot as a production company.  And we've outgrown the infrastructure we built two years ago for hitRECord to operate with.  We've proven ourselves — creatively and businesss-wise.  So, IT IS TIME TO EXPAND!  Wheras it has been a mostly full-time job for our team, it'll now be a very full-time full time job for our team.  I'm going to be hiring more people (we're job creators!) and I think we're going to be able to operate more efficiently.  

In the past, hitRECord has had more opportunity than we've been capable of taking on - and that's a good thing.  It's time to expand to help realize our full potential.  We've been planning hitRECord's growth for a while now to coincide with my feature film project.  What we're doing here at hitRECord won't falter, it will accelerate.  In the coming weeks, we'll get into the specifics about how everything will work.  I can't wait to share some of this stuff with you.  

I was telling Jared yesterday that the work we've been doing here at hitRECord — the constant collaboration and creative output — makes me feel like I'm trained and ready for the marathon that is directing a feature film.  Thank you for that.

And, thanks again.

The best is yet to come...



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We kicked off Act II of the Fall Formal with a traditional theatrical performance.  I had put out a request for writers to write a scene that was set in the audience of the Fall Formal.  Rcjohnso contributed a beautifully written piece, and I asked the wonderful actor, Neil Patrick Harris to perform it with me.  Jared cleared the four seats in front of us so Tarin could get a good two-shot, and Neil and I took our seats with the lights down.

The piece's title and a writing credit for rcjohnso came up on the screen, the drummer gave us a drum roll, the lights came up, and we began.  The scene was playing very well; the crowd was enormously responsive.  And then, about half way through, an attendee of the Fall Formal named PressPlaySTEF walked up to us and said "excuse me," interrupting the scene.  Neil and I stood up and let her sit down in the seat next to Neil.  She sat down, as if it were her seat.  

In fact, IT WAS NOT HER SEAT, we reserved that ticket in order to guarantee that nobody would interrupt the scene.  

Wanting to avoid an awkward distraction, I tried to make the situation as comfortable as possible.  However, I was pretty sure that if I didn't say anything, she would interrupt the scene further, so I broke the action, acknowledged her, gave her a round of applause, and then made her promise she wouldn't talk during the rest of the scene.

I'll admit there was something momentarily charming about the chaos PressPlaySTEF inserted into the situation.  However, I must say that what she did was extremely selfish and disrespectful.  Stefanie is a talented performer, as we saw when she read a tiny story at the San Francisco show.  But speaking as a performer myself, I can tell you I would NEVER do that to two other actors -- right when they're in the middle of a scene, to just interrupt like that?  Also, think about the writer, rcjohnso, who clearly put a lot of work into constructing the piece such that one moment lead seamlessly to the next, building to a crescendo and conclusion.  To interrupt his dialogue like that, on the one night the thing will ever be performed, it's horribly inconsiderate.

HitRECord shows are indeed about blurring boundaries between "audience" and "artist," but that sentiment only works as long as everybody in the room maintains an over-all respect for the show at large.  In this case, PressPlaySTEF disregarded the good of the over-all show in favor of her own desire for the spotlight.

Now, when we gather at these shows, as I always say, we're not just playing records, we're making records together.  We're not just some performers and a crowd; we're a collaborative production company.  And as the director of this company, I can't allow a member of our community to so blatantly and intentionally undermine our production. 

I can't have other RECorders watching footage of Stefanie's interruption and thinking to themselves, "hmm, look at all the attention she got, how can I interrupt the next hitRECord show and get some attention like that myself?"  Pretty soon, we wouldn't be able to do theatrical performance bits like this, because people would always be trying to interrupt them.

So, we are deleting PressPlaySTEF's account and all of her records.  I know this is a harsh punishment, and honestly, I don't love having to do it.  But this is nothing personal against Stefanie.  It's strictly professional.  Keep in mind, hitRECord is a professional production company, and I hold us all to professional standards.   For the good of our future shows and our company at large, I cannot allow that kind of counter-productive interruption.

Fortunately, we have plenty of great footage, and as the RECorder cinematic.audiophile already demonstrated with his excellent rough cut, we'll ultimately be able to seamlessly cut around the interruption and deliver a record of the scene intact.

thanks again


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by wirrow
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