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A peek into the ponderings, problems and possibilities of the American Human.

I hope it finds you inspired :)

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I recently got a slider for my camera so what do I do? I use the crap out of it! I've always wanted to do something for the "How I hitRECord" collab but had no idea what to do, then this came to mind—a little look into a day in the life of Mr. Me. 

Also, I thought some of these shots could be useful to the rest of you RECorders since they're pretty nondescript.

Hope it finds you inspired! 

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Another acted out Dialogue Tale. Keeping with the same character(s) talking (to himself?) in the mirror. This time I used Metaphorest's "The Love Letter."

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I just loved saintmaker's script and thought I'd give the monologue a go. Hope I did your writing some kind of justice saintmaker and I hope it finds the rest of you inspired!

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Oh dear the mirror guy is back! I loved this piece by christopher.harn and just had to do it.

NOTE: I screwed up and missed a line (kind of comes with the territory when you're trying to film these on your lunch break). I'm going to try and film a pickup tonight or tomorrow and fix it. Also, I haven't graded it—ENJOOYYY!

FUN FACT: This is my 500th RECord! Seems fitting in a way.

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A little dialogue tale I filmed with wolpa based off of AllieMo4989's "The Thing." We tried, very subtly, to hint that this thing might have come from space to help fit it in the "RE: Space" collab. I hope it finds you inspired!

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