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Just considering site-wide special days where hitRECord might ask the community to share together in certain secular activities or practices.  I think it could be a great way to come together and encourage grooviness.  I think there's recurring collabs that do a great job with this - Challenge collab, Halloween Costumes and Secret Santa come to mind but some stuff that was sanctioned by HR might be cool too.

Some ideas ...

"Spring Cleaning Weekend" - A weekend where people are encouraged to abstain from uploading new content but instead urged to organize their records, albums, pages.  It would be a great opportunity for folks to go back and really TAG YO RECORDS and create albums in ways that are helpful and optimize searchability.  (Also, not gonna lie - I could personally use this to focus on a massive tidy up.)

"Picture Day" - Like that day at school except way less shitty.  Users are encouraged to create a fun picture portrait of themselves and upload.  Hey, you may be able to finally get that laser background that your parents were too poor to pay for.  (This may feed into School collab if we do it relatively soon?)

"11/11" - Take the day to all add a little piece from where we are in the world to something bigger that we decide on, something that unifies us and shows gratitude- in the same spirit of  11/11/11

I'd love to hear from others with what they think about it.

NOTE: halfreal hipped me to MadisenMusic's existing collaboration that already sets forth a similar spirit