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EVERYONE: Contribute Character ideas, names & descriptions for this collab.

WRITERS: Write a Script of a Sidekick answering the following questions:

  1. Why are you leaving your current superhero?

  2. What's your greatest weakness and strength?

  3. Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?

  4. What was the biggest accomplishment / failure in your last sidekick role?

  5. What are your passions outside of work?

  6. Would you be willing to undergo a rebranding if required?

  7. What are your superpower/s and how would they benefit this partnership?

  8. Do you have any questions? (Where the potential sidekicks can ask mundane things like the parking situation and health benefits)




trying out different narrator character designs for turning my "my Momma"poem into a graphic novel


“ Your momma so fat, when we went to the movies she sat next to everybody” and they were some lucky motherfuckers to have the privilege to sit next to a woman like her.

My momma is so fat that when she laughs all her rolls of flesh shake and crash together truly waves of mirth

and if you got over your fucking

fat shaming head shaking lip pursing bullshit you just might feel that laughter reach from her beautiful toes into the earth and if you you stay extra shhh calm quiet that laughter just might grab your freshman 15 by the hand and start to dance

My momma is so old that she remembers when her twelve drunk neighbors started calling themselves apostles after smoking a few too many and started writing a pretty big bestseller

My momma is so old that she still tears up when she recalls when the dinosaurs moved out of town “such lovely people” she’d say over a melancholy cup of reminiscing tea

My momma is so old that the stories she whispers before we fall asleep aren’t written in any books that still exist

My momma is a goddess.

and if you are lucky enough to behold this woman on the street you better remember what ive said.

Because if you take it into your

pig head

to mock catcall goad prod attack or smirk at her remember this also, if all that world lives in my momma who was created by my star-filled grand momma then imagine just ponder for a moment remember

those two women

made me."

by tdolan
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EVERYONE: The hitRECord Town Hall collab is a place where everyone in the Community can ask questions and engage in conversation with each other & the hitRECord Staff.

Please contribute your Questions & Ideas in one of the following categories:

  1. Creative Projects

  2. Site Features

  3. Technical Questions

  4. Terms of Service

  5. Miscellaneous


NOTE: If you have additional questions or comments you would like to ask more privately, please email us at and we will get back to you ASAP.



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Redid Lydia, hopefully getting closer to what she really looks like!

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Nothing says "I love you, Mom" like giving her bunny ears.

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I can easily say one of the highlights for the year was flying to the UK to see the ever-fab Pamagotchi dance in the Somerset lavender fields so I could make a cinemagraph out of it. 

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There are two kinds of people in this world:

- those who read this title as '55378008'. 

- those who read the title and know exactly what it says on an upside down calculator. 

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Wanted to see what the violence of guns against the backdrop of beautiful opera would look like.


*text-free version in Results tray

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Is having creative input from Native American artists important for this collaboration?

Should a native artist be invited as a director or curator for this project?

On HitRecord everyone has the right to remix everyone elses' records, but a big part of that everyone seems missing here. Rainbow Bird is a creation story connected to a people.

HitRecord has a relationship with Sundance. An organization that has supported and celebrated Native American filmmakers for twenty years.   

This could be a great avenue for HitRecord to bring a native filmmaker on board -actively seeking this perspective.

Hitrecord is a respectful and positive community. This collaboration was created and featured in that spirit. I am not suggesting otherwise. But the history of native american represention in cartoons is problematic and sometimes ugly.

Discussions about cultural appropriation versus cultual exchange can sometimes turn exhausting and even counter-productive. So I want to frame it in this way: 

Is having creative input from Native American artists important for this collaboration? 

Yes, HitRecord is all about participation and inclusion!

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just thought he should be a recurring character throughout episodes :D

"RE: Guns" + textless

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(2014) pencil, ink, digital color

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Hey everybody,

We're happy to announce that CaptClare (Resident Image & Video Curator) will be a guest curator on the hitRECord tumblr page HERE from 7.28 - 8.1.14. Throughout the week we'll be re-blogging some of the images she's curated that touch upon the eight Season 2 themes for HITRECORD ON TV.

HERE is a link to CaptClare's tumblr page.


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