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My first Play Along! Woo! Thank you so much to Nina who invited me to do this, for her amazing work, and to WunderBoy for the awesome sample. Also, outside of HitRECord credit to my friend and engineer Tyler Norris. We were in the studio all day and we took a break to do this and had a bunch of fun.


Turn down the light,
you have the bark but I've got the bite,
fake with the left and connect the right.
lets start the fight
Put me in a ring, I swing/
Make the room bounce like Muhammad Ali with a bee's sting/
See, I've been, working forever, my whole life/
Just to meet you in the ring for this one fight/
I'm talking, y'all say, I've been working in all ways/
All day trying to get to the point that I say/
I'm ready, building, hide the women and children/
Beast mode approaches, what are y'all feeling?/

Like the sweat drips, off all my head, this/
Is the calm before the storm, in expert form/
It's all about the timing, a moment in the bounce/
Either you can get on board or get the fuck out/
It's time now, hit um with the rhymes now/
Hit um with the left n the right now, put 'them lights out/
Everything is right now! Leave it in the ring/
Otherwise, for the other guys, see what it'll bring/
The contender, I kill um when I enter/
Swinging hits so quick that the summer becomes the winter/
Center yourself, it's better for ya health/
Right now ya better off worried about yaself/

It's the titan, hit um like it's lightening/
Give um all a minute til I'm eating y'all all like Mike Tyson/
Rise…to the occasion, I put in the work/
To bury you all now and stand on the dirt/
Like we…are…the champions/
You want to beat meet, no sir, that can't be done/
I've done this for years, the blood sweat and the tears/
Just so I can Ronda Rousey my peers/

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