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This is a tune I made using Emma Conner's charming little poem titled "These Socks". This poem is very short and sweet, and I love the unique simplicity of it. After realizing that I misread line (4), I just decided to slightly edit the text from the originl. (sorry Emma) Please check out her record in the resource below if you haven't. :) 




These socks have seen better days.

The wear and tear of daily life

has left them rather threadbare.

But I still wash and wear them.

I only have so many pairs you see.

And in their own way, these socks

are important to me.


Here is a rap that I made about being a ghost, using TheRising7's amazing beat, which he created from an awesome instrumental piece by JohnnyClyde, that was inspired by Wirrow's brilliant tune. All of these are in the resource; please go check them out if you haven't already! 



When your skin is transparent, you invisibly inherit, all the challenges of being a ghost, it’s so apparent, kinda grim you can’t bare it, or possibly repair it, it’s a curse, the worst, the final hearse, we all share it. Change is eating me like a bad food habit, I can barely remember who I was before the accident; help me remember, I was once a family member, now my family is a mound of gravel and cold winters. Simply nothing more than a mouth of cold dinners, when I’m floating next to humans, they say I’m a cold shiver, like the goosebumps attacking your legs in a cold river, or a sharp pinch you feel when you slip into wooden splinters. 


I’m so ghosty I can never get toasty again, intangible, inflammable, just give me a fight I can win; I miss my childhood, when I was taking my kite for a spin, milkshakes, roller skates, and people would care where ya been. My whole life was flashing like a streaker on a soccer field, and call me pessimistic, but my vision was banana peels, accidents, slip ups and mistakes were biting at my heels; now that I look back , I feel like this could be a proper deal. I am revealed to my beloved punctuation, I was simply living like a comma, now I am an exclamation; my patience wasn’t standing for this permanent vacation, now I’m thinking I can grow into my oppisituation.


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Small version (Large/PSD)

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couple months ago, inspired by the latest Daft Punk LP, i started making my own little disco dance song

all instrumentation & production: meeeeeeeeeeeeeee



by Robo_J
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CALLING ALL VIDEO EDITORS, VO ARTISTS, & TEXT CURATORS! There have been tons of wonderful contributions to the "Worlds Within Worlds" collab - now let's start contributing VOs & editing the visuals together so we can make a Short Film together.



VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Perform readings of THIS POEM by Metaphorest.

CURATORS: Create individual Albums of resources that you think go well with each of the shots in THIS SHOT LIST.

VIDEO EDITORS: Cut together your favorite visuals from the collab into a Short Film.

EVERYONE ELSE: Take a look at THIS POEM & see if you can remix it into a shorter piece.



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Oft-time, when my contem-plates spin whirrish in my head
I goad this gawk out of her box & to the woods instead
Through leafen place I amble, seeking solace in the roofless
Truthful greenery of treesome, lonesome now and near and newness
All unraveled roaming I grow young again through seeing
Every cranny, nook and nub with wondering eyes abuzz with being
Where once was but a molehole, gapes a portal, tunnels teasing
At the wonderland within, a world both perilous and pleasing
Each tree I see is home to imps or nymphs, hobbits or hermits
Knock on wood, sir, thrice and you yourself will soonly learn it
Bow down soft soft and sneak a peek into the barken trunk
Oh, such fine sights you’ll see to sink the things you thought you thunk
Why there are homes for gnomes and forts for fairies - yes indeed!
And trails for silver snails that ferry fairy folk at speed
Cubby holes and hiding huts in weeping willow dens
Where make-believing takes me back into my way back when
I tiptoe past the tower where the princess sure is hidden
Dreaming happy ever afters for the fate that she’s been bidden
While the firth it froths and fizzes, tendrils stretching to the shore
In its depths swim secret selkies, kelpies, mermen, maids and more
And when the cloak of night descends, I find nothing to fear
No specters lurk in midnight murk, no monsters hunt me here
Instead the inky black unveils a sea of twinkling lights
Each one another world as well, each burns a beacon bright
Led along now by the moon, I revel in the chill
Of winter’s breath upon my face, the wonder in me still
That muses mingle with the mosses, grasses, ferns and bark
Each time I go among the trees, that place ignites a spark
And if you look, you’ll see it too, take stock and smell the roses
That line the path to the other world that lives beneath our noses


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I finally made my half of this comedy sketch. I told wunderboy that I would do it back in 1874 and it has taken me a few attempts to land at the right point in time with this semi-raw footage.

Presumably wunderboy will now shoot the part for Conspirator B. I'd like to take a crack at editing the two pieces together. Of course, everyone is welcome to upload your own version of either character or do a combined edit.


It's harder than I expected to do half of a dialogue without the other person. It turned out okay but I had to do multiple takes which is why there are cuts. Those won't be evident as we cut back and forth between characters.

The green screen effect will work but I should have taken the time to iron the damn fabric. An agressive key will still blow it out. I'm not sure how my glasses will look in that process. I thought they fit the character, though.

I was going to for an after work, kind of scruffy, nerd. Too bad my pocket protector doesn't show! I was so happy with it, too. You can kind of see it in the still shot I made.

The sound and color can probably be tweaked in the final edit. I operated under that assumption.

Thanks to DevinLevi for the script!

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I've been taking a Mandarin Class for 8 months so I made a dumb video of me demonstrating it.  I'm not very good yet. Also, the effects on this video are unintentionally awful. Ok. Oh. I guess this is my 100Th record


I exported this in HD but it still looks so bad. Any tips bbs?

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I wanted to do a double page spread of just Nathan's awesome pants but went with this instead :)

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I grew up making these stars and they have become quite a collection.

So, I wanted them to be apart of this.



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Headphones! Updated guitar stuff. Very roughly mixed, but excited to have in Marie Bee's beautiful violin tracks! Thanks again. Marie, you are incredibly talented.

Needs lyrics/vocals and perhaps... piano?

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Will you talk to me again?
Will you talk to me again?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Will you talk to me again?

I'm not perfect
No, I'm not
Do you wish I was perfect?
I hope not

If you talk to me again
I could pretend that I am 
For you, for you, for you
Talk to me again?



130 bpm 

would love to hear some more voices or a flute or something if anybody is interested! 


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