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Coffee — Porn
WunderBoy Released Nov 25, 2015



MARTYN and LYLE are having a conversation over some coffee.


MARTYN You're saying you'd rather be a teenager now than when you were actually a teenager.


LYLE Of course! Why wouldn't you? Look at all the stuff they have now. And imagine what they're going to be able to enjoy when we're dead?


MARTYN You don't cherish your childhood then?--


LYLE I'm not saying I don't cherish my childhood, of course I do. Everyone does. I'm just saying that I think I would have more opportunity as a teenager now than I had as a teenager.


MARTYN How so?


LYLE Well look they all have their phones that can shoot better movies than studios, they have access to all this information. The fucking internet! If I had the internet as a kid--


MARTYN You'd have all the porn you want.


LYLE I'd have all the information I want. I'd be smart as hell! I'd also have all the porn I want too. Remember what we used to have to do for porn?


MARTYN Scrambled porn.


LYLE The scrambled fucking porn! All green and wiggly.


MARTYN And the lines would start moving rhythmically--that's how you knew they were getting after it.


LYLE Three hours of watching scrambled porn for one glimpse at a nipple.


MARTYN And you're saying you'd trade that for what kids have now.


LYLE Yeah there's no mystery to it any more huh?


MARTYN Finding a good shot of porn made you the most popular kid in school back then.


LYLE Yeah ok so there are some things that I wouldn't trade, but the opportunities... They have it way better now.


MARTYN Opportunities again, ok what do you mean by that.


LYLE I mean that I think I'd have a...

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WunderBoy Nov 24, 2015


MARTYN and LYLE are having a conversation over some coffee.


MARTYN You're saying you would rather have short fingers for the rest of your life over sweating...

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WunderBoy Nov 20, 2015

I don't know how to properly say it and thank you never feels like enough. I'm not the most outgoing person on the site but I'd like to think my heart and intentions are in the...

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WunderBoy Nov 18, 2015

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A COUPLE are just getting sat at a table. Their waitress immediately greets them.


WAITRESS Hi there how...

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