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WunderBoy Released 16 hours ago

Hi Scorch!

So I work at a company called Beachbody. They make home workout videos and supplements to help people lose weight and to do so quickly. They're really big in the US but not so big internationally yet. Anyway, the programs they put out work REALLY well if used as prescribed. (Trust me, this is not a promotion for the company.)

What I want to do is give you a copy of the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout and diet program as well as one bag of Shakeology (30 day supply). 

If you want to Facebook message me (Cameron Dean) or Twitter message me (@CameronDeanP) a P.O. Box or somewhere I can send these I'd love to gift these to you!

Again, I'm not trying to use this as a promotion for the company. This is really just my day job and not anywhere near my passion, but being able to help you in this would give this job a lot of meaning for me.

If you're interested you can check out the company, the program and Shakeology below. Admittedly, all of their advertising is incredibly corny and very day-time infomercial and "Buy now! Buy now!" gross-ness, but they know their market and the products do work very well:

I'm not a fitness expert but I've seen this stuff work, I use it all myself and I would just love to help you in any way to become a mom!

Good luck and GO SCORCH!!

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