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Music I find inspiring.

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It's just a quick song. And it's about people. Lots of people. And other things... maybe RE: The Road...

I left this intentionally bare because I wanted people to add as much as they could to it. So more vocals, more instruments, solo instrument section, anything! Stems up soon enough. 

A major - 3/4 - 190bpm


People on form, people on time,

People magically on top of their shit,

People changing and I know for one I'll be a son of a gun if I don't change one bit to get where I end up,


People folding, people without an apetite,

People exiting things without saving them prior,

People know I'm not one for a show but I can't help but aim a bit higher,


I was told I should prepare for the best of days and best of days I'll get,

Can I be a fighter and a runner?

I'm not one of those gambling men, but I'm my safest bet, and I quite like roulette,


People don't show, people loco,

Why'd he run from the bun 'cause he's bored of the oven,

I can't stand people raising their hand as they tell me there's no such thing as lovin', they're just being stubborn,


I was told I shouldn't mind if they hammer at my head,

That's just the order we are placed in,

What else could I do but fight my own way through instead, to make some real good bread,

Hurry there's no time for wastin',


There are doctors, there are nurses,

There are killers and coppers and warriors even now,

You can think that you're fine then you blink and you're old and you've lost all your money,

And no one is talking and reading gets harder but you know the truth still,

People are people,

You know the truth still, people are people,

You know the truth still, weak and their feeble, people are people.


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You know when you hear a song that kinda pisses you off because its so good.... this is one of those times. Killer song joerud! I think its damn near perfect as is. Maybe a very minimal upright bassline and and light string parts.


by joerud
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Lava_Tornado's fabulous "feet first" with a little flow by me ;) Dude, i love your music LT and i meant what i said in the song...


orale brother asina me gusta

vamos a bailar porque la beat esta bien bruta

estamos grabando? otra ves por corazon.

un remix porque me gusta la cancion

change back to English so all y'all can feel this

lava tornado, you're a muthafuckin' genius

and i don't even care if this don't get recommended

call me passive i won't be offended

i liked this badass beat so i just started rappin

if Joe don't hear it doesn't mean it didn't happen

i'm just fuckin' around probably nobody will hear this

just think of this as a lesson in what real is

i'm a nobody from the Rio Grande Valley

with hopes to visit FilmPunk's hARThouse up in Cali

don't feel me? probably think i'm shameless

but this is for the fanboys lookin' to get famous

i don't mean to come across with such apprehension

but this is not the site for those who seek attention

here no one is greater, here no one is lesser

it's like creative industry without all of the pressure

we like it here, just the way it is

we end up here, 'cause we don't like the biz, ya dig?

so don't bring that negative jive

about "why him and not me?"

the whole experience is THE PRIZE!

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i am a man with my feet in the sand and I smile

up a mile, there's a mansion

I will evaporate onto another plane

break all the window panes

and float away


you are the son

I am the one

we are the sum

of nothing but none 


you are a change

but I am the same

we are a page from nothing but none


you are a wave

you crash onto my shore and I fall

im not a fan of roller coasters

I will evaporate onto another plane 

break all the window panes 

and float away



(this is consisting of 24 vocal tracks ... will upload stems if wanted!)

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couple months ago, inspired by the latest Daft Punk LP, i started making my own little disco dance song

all instrumentation & production: meeeeeeeeeeeeeee



by Robo_J
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Thought this could work, or inspire, or be REmixed in one way or another to fit the Patterns cold open.  

alternate version here: 

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