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There is some movement in each figure, but I tried to hide the seams with color.

This is a remix that I made based on this request made by Hitrecord for the Fall Formal Finale Collab):

Background: Sunny Park with green grass, trees, and a beautiful blue sky.

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“So, I got your letter.”


“And I don’t see why you couldn’t just email”

“I like to support the postmen. And envelope makers.”

“How very noble”

“Anyway what did you think about the content of the letter?”

“I’d rank it somewhere between a Roquefort and a camembert.”

“I was just trying to be romantic.”

“Yeah…don’t do that again.”

“You didn’t even like the poem?”

“I like the way your eyes are blue/I like the way that you are you”

“Well it’s true.”

“I prefer truths of the non-rhyming variety. Just for future reference. Oh and the love-hearts over the Is and Js – gotta go.”

“Okay, I can do that. Thanks for the feedback.”


“Love you.”

“Love you too, you old softie. But please, no more letters.”

“No more letters.”

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"We are made up of the roads we take."


Decided to combine my two loves: art and science. :)

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Thought I’d carry out a little typographical experiment… this is my first RECord, so please be nice!
by ashika
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So, I've been listening to TheMorningHollow's and pamagotchi's amazing song "Puppycat", and suddenly I had these lyrics in my head... I just had to sing it out, and it was too much fun! Not my usual style again, but jaaaazz, yess! ...I do more "not my usual style" stuff than my "usual style" stuff... oh well you gotta try everything! - (too many different records from Feminism in LRRH collab inspired me with the lyrics, so I will just add the collab to the resources. You guys know who you are!)

Enjoy <3


I'd rather be the big bad scary wolf
Than this little angel Red Riding Hood.
A little girl is not allowed to wander in the woods
But a wolf can do anything, not only what it should


I'd rather run away from my safe little home
and learn to live in the woods on my own
I'd eat the whole cake and drink the wine alone
and the people would fear me when they'd hear my roar

And if the big bad wolf will step in my way
And ask about my granny I will tell him right away!
And when he'd ask me to sit next to him on the bed
I would grab my knife and I'd stab him dead!

And if the huntsman will come and think he has to save me
I'd tell him "young man, listen to me carefully:
You'd better turn around and run away real soon,
Or I will have to show you what this knife can do!"


I'd rather be the big bad scary wolf
Than this little angel Red Riding Hood.
A little girl is not allowed to wander in the woods
But a wolf can do anything, not only what it should

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alright here are just the vocals of my remix of "Young at heart" for re-remix purposes! if you feel like it, do something awesome with this :D (you might hear the piano really quiet, I couldn't get it off, but it's REALLY quiet so I hope it doesn't matter!:D)

Enjoy! :))

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Here's a short video that I've been working on - inspired by Metaphorest's Ravens record. This was my first attempt at rotoscoping. I had to remake marcellepallais' hair, I hope I did her justice. I've been playing around a lot with the coloring, and I think I'll increase the contrast and bring out the blues a bit more.

I built and animated the the wings and birds from dgroeneman's "feather drawing" and sojushots' "winter tui". I've uploaded some pre-keyed high-res image sequences of the flying birds, and flapping wings as resources for remixability.

Ideally when I'm done, I'd like the video to span the entire song. I welcome feedback on where to go from here.


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I've been wanting to do something for the Little Red Riding Hood collab for a while, but hadn't quite found a place to fit in. Flockofword's "Lessons that Lessen Us" provides a perfect opportunity. It aslo gives me a chance to musically comment on some issues dear to my heart. Here's to freedom of expression and being. Enjoy. 


by ozie
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i had those couple of scenes in mind. the result isnt quite as "epic" as i would have wanted it to be, i thought i'd ask you guys what you think

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