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I meant this to be 4.0 but waited to long to upload it. So here's my contribution to this wonderful song!

Resources used:
Tracks from original recording by metaphorest
Tracks from version 3.o by Will

My contributions:
Overall mixing and enhancement
Third (upper) harmony on choruses
Harmony on second verse
Synth part on second chorus
Cello part throughout
Extension of vocals on outro
Addition of chorus ahhs (by Will) after the outro

Let me know if you'd like any of the individual tracks. Best way to reach me is via email:

Enjoy! Sorry it took me so long to upload!
Alright so this is my newest song. It's essentially done but I think it could also still do with a bass or maybe a lead guitar, so if someone feels like they've got something great to add by all means, get at it!

I spent about two months on this song, which is actually remarkably quick for me, so I'm pretty well pleased with the way this turned out. It's to the point where I'm mostly happy with it and am fine leaving it here, but it's possible this song could also continue to develop further, depending on how things work out for me.

So please let me know what you think and constructive feedback is, of course, more than welcome!!

One by one
The days go so slow
So I try to run
But it seems I'll never make it
One by one
The days go on and on
So I try to see
But it's unclear what's ahead of me
I can't see anything

But I know
If I just take it slow
The path will unwind
One day at a time

One by one
Every day is the same
So I'll change my ways
And for once, maybe
It'll make a difference
And one someone
Might be all I need
So I'll try to find
Cuz it's only a matter of time
Before I make her mine

Cuz I know
If I just take it slow
The path will unwind,
It's only a matter of time
I know
If I just take it slow
Everything will be alright
When I come home tonight
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