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Real Name: Justin Castaneda

Where You Live: Orland Park, IL

One Line Bio: I am a writer/illustrator from the south side of Chicago and creator of the When I Was Little picture book series and HEART.

Link to Record:

Tell Us An Interesting Story About Your Contribution: This image was from a sketch book I had started at the time. With this particular sketch book I felt like sharing the pages with the hitRECord community, because I wanted to see if they could inspire a story or spark creativity in other artists.

I was still new to the idea of using brush pens and I really wanted to play around with line variation. This was one of the sketches I experimented with.

I think as an artist, when you begin to try new materials and techniques you open yourself up to limitless possibilities. This sketch represents that in a way. Packing up what you need, your essentials, and just go exploring. Discover new things. Out yonder.