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First time I have ever used any 'computer art program' more advanced than 'Paint'. Given that this was a brand new type of art, that I have never really explored before, I'm kinda pleased with how it turned out... : )

I see the character as a nature fey gone wrong; a corrupted Nymph or fairy. But feel free to think up your own story... : )


This is me a a week after I was born.

As a twin it is not unsual to be born prenature, but I was two months early; this picture just shows how tiny I was.


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This is a background character design for the Mme Noir colab.

I see the charcter looking up at the tower in fear and wonderment (hense she is looking up.)

I tried to stick as much as possible to the brief, but add my own style. I hope you like it! :D

A few points:

I pictured her carrying a lantern, so that it why her right hand is raised like that.

I wasn’t sure what time this was set in, so the dress should fit in with most historical times (I hope :- )  ).

I was attempting to keep it all dark muted, but colours kept sneaking in, so that is why there are two versions; please tell me which one you like best...

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I have never really talked this much about this subject, I hope someone find this useful...

I was very nervous filming this (I hope it does not show too much).

I would love to see anything that anyone wants to do with it...

= }

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So if every time a number and my heart should meet,

I always find; that my own heart will skip a beat.

So if one little number should give me so much glee;

I will take the time to give the gift that another gave to me.


Help Needed!

This is the third time I have uploaded this, it is usually fine for the first twenty hits then it Errors and turns invisible...

Please Tell Me (Remark/Comment) If you Cannot See My Picture; so I can try to re-upload, again...

Thankies!  : )

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