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An example short for the Stills in Motion collab.

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well look at that interesting...

5 years old & rocking straight hair :O

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My mom totally used to dress me for these things...

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A recording I made with my phone on May 28th at 11pm. E had a bad dream and was babbling on trying to make sense of it. 

"Last night...nothing was in my bad dream. (Something) all over again. when I was really really scared. You came out and rescued me from my bad dream, my bad dream followed me.

Well, the bad dream didn't have anything inside it. I just...I just made it up. Mom, I just made the bad dream up. Well, I just dreamed about other stuff sometimes but not too much. Just have bad just make up bad dreams. Mom, I just make up bad dreams, I don' t know why I keep doing that. I just made those bad dreams up. I don't know why. Just went all over again..yeah, I don't know. Nothings in my bad dreams cos bad dreams just happen when you make them up when you does it all over again. And it goes that way when that way when that way when that way. And I don't know which way to run. I don't know. It's just bad dreams and I don't know why. Some guys make bad dreams into good dreams." 

Ephraim, age 3.

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CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Our next potential theme for Season 2 of HITRECORD ON TV is RE: Language - RECord your thoughts, write a story, draw a picture, or make a song regarding this theme.



EVERYONE: Contribute a Text Record with your Ideas for segments for this potential TV Episode.

EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord a testimonial regarding this theme.

Q&A: RECord yourself on video answering these questions:

  • "Is Language unique to us humans? Or do other animals have their own Language? Be specific."

  • "Is Language instinctual? Or is it learned and influenced by culture? And how does it affect our culture - does it change the way we think?"

  • "What do you think is so special about standard American English? Do you think it is superior to other dialects? Please give examples."

  • "What are your thoughts on Profanity and its uses? Be specific."

  • "Do you speak any Foreign Languages? How have Language Barriers affected you with regards to communication? Tell us a story."

ANIMATORS: Contribute an Animation regarding this theme.

ILLUSTRATORS: Contribute an Illustration regarding this theme.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Contribute some Graphic Design regarding this theme.



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CALLING ALL VO ARTISTS, ACTORS, FILMMAKERS, ANIMATORS, VIDEO EDITORS & MUSICIANS! Let's start making Short Films out of all the great contributions to the "Recite a Poem Every Day" collab - contribute your performances, edits & audio!



NOTE: You can contribute your written poetry - and find others' poetry to perform - HERE


ANIMATORS: Find a Poetry Reading that inspires you to animate a Short Film, LIKE THIS EXAMPLE by Juan Mayo.

FILMMAKERS: Make a Storyboard inspired by a Poem so that Actors can perform it - or shoot your own Short Film.

ACTORS: Perform a Poem from the site.

VIDEO EDITORS: Remix audio & visual elements from the site into a Short Film of a Poem you like. Check out THIS "SONNET 29" SHORT FILM by tori as inspiration.

MUSICIANS: Compose a Score for a Poem you like.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Perform a reading of a Poem on the site that you like.

CURATORS: Make Albums of Poetry or Performances you think would be great resources for Short Films.



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This is the intro video for the Stills in Motion collab. I really hope you'll give it a shot!

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I've exported versions of the InDesign and Illustrator templates in versions that should be compatible if you have older versions of those programs.

by Marke
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by janrose
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I shot this photo yesterday at a magical location in LA. I am in love with this place.

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