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crazy cool versions of the RECorder bots. c4Dlite and AE cc 2014, here's a breakdown of the different versions:

02a: v01 plus medium glitching FX

02b: v02a plus heavy glitching and distortion FX

03a: Simulated Depth of Field FX pass 1, Extra Pass lens flair effects, Added Motion Blur.

03b: v03a plus simulated DOF FX pass 2 and Simulated Film Grain

03c: v03a plus light to medium glitching FX.

the remix file is full of all the tasty goodness of the individual versions, pngs, alpha masks, and overlays I used to make it. I recommend using the versions there, as some of the subtler effects are a bit muted by the additional compression of the reel pass main record upload. still tasty though, and hell, it'll all look uber compressed watching it on the site player, as per usual. I should mirror these on vimeo like I used to. 

I also used lucyfur's great color loop gradient in the title card, but so far just in the title card- it's not in the individual versions.

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Mottelz 13 hours ago

Technician Inspector Qi (pronounced cue) arrived on the scene at 11:37. Until then, the house’s AI — a custom job calling itself MERCY — wouldn’t allow anyone to enter. When Qi...

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