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thisistedwells Released 7 hours ago

where i want to be

hard rain mirrored in mind
before last world's release,
your words lent forever,
our time
within a crease

start scenery
and watch me drifting soon

mode reset
by the splines in my chest,
tajem outflown
from the covering trees,
shutting mine
to pale eyes laid
in bodies weak

and as far
as i've seen,
you gave me everything

My fingers. Too dry. No amount of rubbing helps. Unnaturally dry. My nails feel tight. White chalk crescents highlight my cuticles. Why is there chalk under my nails? I have...

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- What’s up with you?

- My world is vanishing. It feels like a dark cloud is overwhelming my entire being. I recognize the shapes but not the colors. Everything is dull. Nothing has...

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