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Request List:

  • Graphic Design

    • Remix image records for use in the book
    • Design alternate cover art for the book
  • Writing

    • Make a list of planets, alien races, or other details for the story
    • Write a text record stating ideas on completion
    • Create Plot: Failures
    • Create Plot: Successes
  • Illustration

    • Illustrate a scene from the book
    • Illustrate assets to be used by graphic designers
26 Contributions
Theserpentthecharmer-1742882 TheSerpentTheCharmer Released Jun 06, 2013

So this is it.

A callback to our childhood libraries where we found the rustic, worn pages of our first CYOA novels.

(All I remember from my first one was jumping out of a moving car in a forest, turning to the corresponding page, and hitting a tree as I jumped. That was my first real brush with destiny.)

But alas, I digress.


Jack Mayweather, a lone astronaut, abandoned on a failing ship, must find his way to a new, habitable planet. In the midst of…