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If you break, break gently

If you wander, wander far

It will take these many years to learn

How to live with a scar

Find replacement parts

That can only match your own

Kiss the body that gave them

Never wander there alone

Make a death mask of glass

Burn every casket

Turn to your vampire lover

Your eyes have no way to ask it

Tender your soul to the sea

Spit into the jetsam

Shoot your guns into the tide

Tell their hearts you never left them

Replace your bodies

Fix all the little broken things

Remind the angels

They will die without their wings

Part ways with your werewolves

Skin your limbs, unscrew your teeth

Hang the parts atop your scarecrows

Burden the field with the bones of ex-lovers

They are only warmed by our hate


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The exorcism didn't quite take

I've still got my tongue down the throat of the snake

No, the priests are all buried in the basement

This didn't go the way it was meant

There's still...

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The positive ions in the air

Were vibrating to the rhythm

Of our violent hearts

Treading lightly over

The dignity of our love

Which, when undignified

Finds its way to the ground


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It's said that every six years, on the 10th day of autumn, a child is taken from their home in Pleasant Hill. Snatched in the night and pulled, screaming, into the forest between...

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When recalling the end of such a beautiful night, I mark the way with white chalk. Arrows on the bark pointing my way to oblivion. They lead me past the windows of rundown homes,...

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True north brought me the head of the fawn

Laid it gently at my doorstep and rang the bell

When I'd found my love on the mat 

I ripped my eyes out and closed the blinds by the slat


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This is the everglades, the swamps and gulls

I clench my teeth so hard I'm speaking squalls 

This is abandonment, this is rebirth

I was given life to beat death first

You were an...

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It was 3 AM and I was all alone

Spent my evening guessing how my death should go

Would I be cut to ribbons on the railroad tracks?

Could I drown myself in an ice bath?

Is there ever a...

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If the mailman hasn't brought this to your house by the time of your wedding, then congratulations. I understand why my little gilded-gold invitation never showed up in the...

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