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The legacy of the ocean is to bring me to shore

And know that its wilds were written into tomes

Along the lasting coast will I set my feet to roam

Until the salt and your arms rest gentle on my bones

The paddle was taken by the whale

Into the mouth of the deep, dark blue

But I'll dive in and swim until I'm washed up beside you

The sea of the old world is deep with ancient waters

Tended to by reefs and ever-fading stones 

I'm sinking canoes so you won't have to swim alone

Take me with you through the rain and the swell

Spend our days walking through a world made well

Only by the seawall will we sit and take rest

The maelstrom of my heart will calm at your chest

And the tide will wash out, with aurora in its crest

Arcane poets guzzling oil

To burn the demons right from their skin

Sweating out fevers

Like we could never let them in

Look back before you look forward

You'll see a world of loss


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The aggregate of the beetle shells had turned to a thick paste in the redwood mortar bowl. Sheffy, pushing and grinding the pestle with a stiff wrist, hocks a big glob of tobacco...

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It's a matchbox devil in the holy rain

This entrance to the night is a deep-seated stain

My purgatory is a blessed place of peace and revelry and the most beautiful pain

I'm bought...

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I'm not the magnificent snowflake that any higher power meant for me to be. An orphaned disappointment, draining the glass until all I taste is backwash. My brothers are all...

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Sweep the leg of your own mortality

We are those who run, standing still

I sipped at the storm and was given thunder

So that it may shake the veins in which you lay

Shake you free, I'm...

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There's not as much alcohol running these veins, not these days

And if death ever touched me, it was with such brittle fingers

I'm afraid there's no room in this bed for anything but...

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I'm never blissful in ignorance

I am terrified by how fragile the instance

Such would be the low valley of our souls

No consent to being born, only loss of control

This life is full of...

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To the untrained eye, my house looks as though it's built out of a bunch of other houses. You don't need a trained eye to see that. It's pretty obvious. The main structure is one...

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Port-side mouth to the tides of the welcoming party

Strewn about the beach as bodies without heartbeats

Legs shifting in the surf like flowers in the wind

Directionless and wild, as...

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Married to the corpse of an elegant bride

Wrapped with care in her burlap shroud

I don't miss the breath she used to have

Or the words we spoke when they were alive and well

No passing...

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Gritty glossy blue capsule went up, up, up and then down. Disappeared in the gullet, but not before I chewed and tore and gnashed.

It tasted like blue, the synthetic flavoring we...

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