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I've never been as predictable

As I am when I'm on the cross

Or when the cross is on me

Heavy as the great white whale

And as dark as the torch I lit back in september

I'm only as religious as I am dead

And all this feels alive as it breathes

If the book is what kills me

Then I will never read

Should sin keep me from heaven

I'd never have fit in anyway

Relinquish all control, give up your dreams

This isn't god's plan

I'm not sure what god even means

Take a path less traveled

If there is a king to be

King of the archipelago

It's me, and I worship nothing but the sea

Keep hold of my Clementine

She means nothing to me

Cackle at the locusts and the flood

Spit your sermons, cup your blood

It's nothing we can't trade for misbegotten grace

We're as alive as any other corpse in this place

Let the water up to your wrist

I swear it's holy, I swear

I swear it's something you'll miss

She asked, "How can you possibly love someone that deeply if you don't even love yourself?"

And no, I don't love myself. In fact, I hate pretty much everything about me. I haven't...

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All memory fades just the way it should

As the stain and the paint take leave of the wood

Every ocular disconnect is another saved grace

The tenderness of the heart as it fails to...

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Pentacostal and full of piss and vinegar

Tip-tapping through the back alleys of limbo

Mercury-poisoned and pissed off at the thought

That I'm not a hero and less than brave

All my...

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I am the spirit of all that is coming to pass

At such a speed, we know it won't ever last

Touch the space just below my throat

And find any rhythm worth repeating

On a piano crafted...

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All I dreamt, I dreamt alone

Before long, they became my life

The dreams

But as the world is wont to do

It broke the dream in me

So I picked them up

Like a pile of books

And dumped them...

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I am become soiled, brought down by the smoke and the proteus

Covered in its drying sweat & palm up to the sky

Venomwalker, what have you done to me?

Endbringer, what have you...

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Death came to me as a small child

Bearing fresh fruits that cost each but a nickel

I asked if I might buy the whole lot

He laughed, "Does the old man fear my sickle?"

"I guess he...

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Have you awoken in the night and thought, "How quiet might he be breathing?" And have you stared at the moon and wondered if the tides give it its due? Is it wrong that I'm afraid...

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The blackhearted crush of the insidious southern rot

It's all around, tangled up in my hair and refusing to clot

The veins are all blocked with the dark of the sky

It's a knot made...

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I don't remember much of you anymore

Except for the white sheet they laid you under

On a road unkempt by the hands of man

And I understand you're gone for good

But it's been so long


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Betwixt the chalk of the river and the great hounds

I am encumbered by the red wing of the cardinal

That hath lost the other to the fox

Who'd once paraded about as a friend

Though, at...

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Aphelion fingers march gladly around my spine

Until I'm orbiting myself and losing time

To the azimuth that leads me astray

I can only call you lover if you're meant to stay


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