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There were spaces once filled

With the warmth of other hearts

But now they're as empty

As the room I once slept in

It's in vacancy that we learn

Even love can turn to abhorrence

Even a declaration once believed

Can become a bible full of fictions

American dream machine gone haywire

Speak to me of how low we are

And how soft we could be laid to rest

If only these vampires would loose our necks

From their all-fucked-up fangs


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Drawing fingers over ancient tools

And mechanical renderings of a lost widower

Who's widow did not know she was dead

It's in the good work of my sleep

That I'm justified

In having such...

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How do we preserve the essence of the forest through which we so precariously swing the axe? Is it in jars of tea on the windowsill, or pasted into enough scrapbooks that we're...

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I'm seeing what you're seeing

The reverse of a beautiful world

With eyes like dinner plates


Does the lantern's wick burn out once it decides to, or can't it help but flicker down into the black? Answer me this and I'll love you either way. We were made to be like this,...

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The first sign

Of trouble

Is the cry

From the birthing room

Where I was laid

Onto warm blankets

And made to live

Without my consent

And without

Any will

To do so

My only regret

Is that

I was...

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Mapless is my brain. It's not so much that I'm getting old, it's that I just don't like the street names. No, I don't want to remember them. It's an active disdain for whoever it...

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The hardest lessons I've ever learned were ones I never birthed. How to be a better man with both hands tied behind my back. How arrogant I must have been to think that love was...

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There's no means of coming back after this

The levees have all been erected and battened down

Valleys will disappear, cordoned off and full of water

New oceans pushing caskets out of...

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Take from me my identity

And absorb it into your own

Until you're someone new

I'm spitting out what I desired now

Against the palate above my tongue

Because it keeps being chewed up

By a...

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