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I asked the saints if they could watch us

Over nights that seemed so lost

But there was camphor between the floorboards

And this house just burned alone

If a god had made us to be permanent

I think we'd bore ourselves to death

But I still wish you'd have survived this

Instead of kicking through my mess

You should know I just wanted you to love me

I hope you know that's all I asked

Now the view is getting darker

As will-o-the-wisps forget to grieve

If there were saints here to lead us

I think they've quietly taken leave

So if the moment comes to pass now

That I find my heart retreats 

She'll come to find me with a wood axe

I think she knows the woods of my chest

And she'll leave splinters in her tracks

Please don't forget me

No matter how much our time does rot

I'm a black eel in the baptist's river

And she's the ankle my teeth have sought

If I ever have a son

I'll tell him of the daughters that I broke

The faith I lost in spite of my mouth

She should know I'm not made of oak

So when we dance past the landmines

Hold my hand and trust your feet

If god is the thing that makes you whole

Then love is the only god I need

Listen, it takes a lot of time to get free. To break off from the up-and-at'em mentality of the weekday and just fucking relax. You take a week, two weeks off and those first...

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To the epithet of love, I make a stand for you and yours

I've been forgotten by the tribe that couldn't stand for you and I

There's nothing left of me for you to bury

Does the wailing...

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REVISION: I'm going to set the deadline for this request at two (count'em, 2) weeks from now. That means all videos and contributions should be in by Tuesday, August 11th. Now,...

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Out along the promenade, the shrill call of seagulls sound out on the bay, asking for the sun to return to the coast. Their as lost as this island. Once at home amongst the poplar...

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No more teeth for the pauper, lost them all for a piece of meat

More gristle than fat off a bone I couldn't eat

If we continue to pull down paradise, eventually god won't rebuild it


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"...beasts of all natures come to swell at the pit. They gather around hell to watch us and our children wallow in the fire."

Big, streaky drags of motor oil were smudged across...

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The legacy of the ocean is to bring me to shore

And know that its wilds were written into tomes

Along the lasting coast will I set my feet to roam

Until the salt and your arms rest...

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Arcane poets guzzling oil

To burn the demons right from their skin

Sweating out fevers

Like we could never let them in

Look back before you look forward

You'll see a world of loss


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The aggregate of the beetle shells had turned to a thick paste in the mortar bowl. Sheffy, pushing and grinding the pestle with a stiff wrist, hocks a big glob of tobacco spit onto...

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It's a matchbox devil in the holy rain

This entrance to the night is a deep-seated stain

My purgatory is a blessed place of peace and revelry and the most beautiful pain

I'm bought...

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I'm not the magnificent snowflake that any higher power meant for me to be. An orphaned disappointment, draining the glass until all I taste is backwash. My brothers are all...

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