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The thread-worn heel of my shoe has cut through my achilles'

Beckoned on by taurine and sugar-sweet amphetamine

Days passed with the hours and eons with the minutes

Arbitrarily changing lanes to stay awake

I cried on the shoulder near a bridge in Pennsylvania

Just before I threw all my journals into the slow river below

I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish they'd float

But just as the heart is wont to do, my memories sank

Snorting crushed caffiene pills off Dante's Inferno

Stubbing out cigarettes on the back of my own hand

Miles built upon miles of open, gutted lands

Mocked by the mountainous spines of giants

Who've slept long enough to grow forests

Right along the path I ran my hand down your back

Tooth to tooth and claw to claw

Misplacing the thought that dawn would come soon

And I'd leave without a...

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Bats biting. Blinded and bitter.

To the taste of bubbles in dying drinks.

The swarm beneath the collar. 

I set a match to my funeral suit.

The end of the tunnel, with no light.


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There's a temple at the center of the forest north of I-94. Thumbtacks holding up old rolls of fishing line, air pellets spilled inside plywood drawers. And the woods across the...

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by TheSerpentThe... Sep 03, 2014

A Bedouin shawl around the neck of a leper

Tarot cards smudged with lipstick and blood

A gypsy in a glass case spitting fortunes

Electronic gestures made by a machinist's muse


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by TheSerpentThe... Sep 02, 2014

We forget sometimes that god is not on our side.

Enough rain will bring the flood.

Enough insects will steal our blood.

Dressed up in posh mink coats.

Dynasty flowered skirts.


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Made and unmade

In the same minute

Bricks and mortar

Back to sand and clay

Strep throat and ghosts

In the fibers of your pillows

Stains on the tile

Where I vomited and waxed

A poetic thing

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by TheSerpentThe... Aug 26, 2014

I've pushed myself out of my own way and into the coming of an arrogant storm. While my family places coins on my eyes, right before the worms make it inside. With rings through...

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Parabolic // Traumatic  

Mitochondrial infractions mutating marbled messes of eyes

Synthetic // Parasitic

The tapeworm is wrapping around the artery

Lethargic // Tragic

This console is...

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There was one damn moment, in the filial revolt of our youth, wished out of the coin pond, in which we had faith that we could do great things. Placing scaffolding against the soft...

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Injury made insipid through its being constant

A boy culled into the pewter bowl of toxic fumes

Conjured up by shamanistic principles of a common word

That dribbles from my tongue too...

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by TheSerpentThe... Aug 19, 2014