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We forget sometimes that god is not on our side.

Enough rain will bring the flood.

Enough insects will steal our blood.

Dressed up in posh mink coats.

Dynasty flowered skirts.

Chemical paint and not a trace of dirt.

What a ruse we can create if we try.

Plastic animal masks and pretending not to die.

Until the horde splits off into pairs.

We walk here, we walk there.

No invitations for vampires, no nightcap for the dead.

I've been trying to prove my reflection, I've been swallowing lead.

But the disappearance only proves me wrong.

Gives life to the...

Made and unmade

In the same minute

Bricks and mortar

Back to sand and clay

Strep throat and ghosts

In the fibers of your pillows

Stains on the tile

Where I vomited and waxed

A poetic thing

That barely stood on its own

And vanished just as quickly

As it had come

Night made us animals

Daylight made us liars

Twelve hours and change

Until I swear I love your name

I've pushed myself out of my own way and into the coming of an arrogant storm.While my family places coins on my eyes, right before the worms make it inside. With rings through our wrists, we're pulled by chains into the desert, followed by herons and small, armless hands. They crawl right up our legs while we sleep, they spend all night pulling out my teeth. How can I defend the tower walls when there's nothing behind them but my loss and missed calls? What a fortune I've amassed, a horde of lost lovers and wasted breath. All hail...

Parabolic // Traumatic

Mitochondrial infractions mutating marbled messes of eyes

Synthetic // Parasitic

The tapeworm is wrapping around the artery

Lethargic // Tragic

This console is temporarily unavailable

Karmic // Hidrotic

Softest lips, avian bones, bitter heart, bled alone

Magnetic // Lordotic

Horses bleached white in the salt and the sun

Arthritic // Pneumatic

I can hear the yellow singing behind locked doors

Polybasic // Instrinsic

Marching to my death with a drink in my hand

Carcinogenic // Optic

Switching tracks in the synapses to trick my...

There was one damn moment, in the filial revolt of our youth, wished out of the coin pond, in which we had faith that we could do great things. Placing scaffolding against the soft skin of your ribs. Entwining the ligaments of our fingers together like bleeding twine. The print of my lips on seven glasses in an uptown bar, rotting right off the rim with traces of fluoride from the ice. A saint caught my scent and followed me home, while pigs and oxen ate up your bones. Headfirst into the china shop, bitching about the direction in...

Injury made insipid through its being constant

A boy culled into the pewter bowl of toxic fumes

Conjured up by shamanistic principles of a common word

That dribbles from my tongue too often

Comforted by the fact that I damaged someone else

To hide wounds made by tensile string and elixirs

Not strong enough to kill, but deep enough to drown

I want to go back to the day when everything stood still

And even the leaves refused to abandon the branch

Before the rain came and churned the lake to paint

Like all mixtures of all colors, eventually we...

Muscular dystrophy at the heart of the weekend

Moving the weak to the front of the line

So that they may make their way over the cliff

Like a herd of bison made artificially blind

And what do you do but sleep on such low beds?

Where the insecticide fog of lust dances around your head

Until your heart can't take the sound of itself beating

And you make me out to be the corpse you're eating

But I'm alive, oh lord, I'm alive!

Just long enough to see the harlot make peace with her god

Before she bites at the legs of a man she adores

And the...

Seam-split tongue making caves for lesser beings

While melting plastic leaves hives through my wrists

That you may crawl in and out at your own leisure

Toxic blood, allergens diffused into epinephrine fits

The wind that makes its way past your skirt

It's yours to keep, it belongs in your chest

To twist like ivy up your arms, to let you breathe

With such vibrant shades of yellow to meditate

Upon the way they nailed my hands to the deck

I've seen you upon the twisting stairwells

The masquerade masks we all wear but you

This city is your sea of...

by TheSerpentThe... ago

How many dead men must we take apart,before we find a way to fix our hearts?And how many lovers must we burn and let go,before we can sew these seeds that must grow?What are the chances we'll make it out alive, intact and on time?If our muscles continue to stand as though they were stone in a sea of atrophied hands,I'll keep a reckless mouth and self-medicate with glass bottles and empty cans.What a disgusting thing that's become of me, the eels and bottom-dwellers and mud.The wasted youth, the terrible shaking, the misplaced...

A man once slept with faith, and awoke to find nothing but the corpse

In a castle built upon the alchemy of a dead man's hand

And in the decades that followed, I was born into the tale

Like the carrion of folklore and the birds that tremble

At the sight of what I'll leave on the side of the road

Remnants, artifacts, battered and bruised like rotten fruit

But she appeared in my sleep as though the water of dreams

And I came to find that I was always awake

The library of memory is reduced to sulking ash

Billowing around the statues of our feet