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I am unafraid of what's between my jaws

Not the prey or the drink or the squirming words

What I shed is the bravery, what I've lost is hope

Yes, I thought the hunt would save me

The lasting thought of cinematic love

What a god damn lie that was to believe


How much alligator blood am I supposed to drink

Before I stop shedding crocodile tears?

Peel the scales that scar my shattered back

Start spitting out fangs into a puddle of black


Little did I know that heart can't save much

What little faith I had was lost to the church

And all they did was leave it in collections

Baptized in the coals they raked

Grace changed me for the worse

Left me in the night for a pit full of snakes


Carry it, cold blood, to the heart of the dark

Bring it, wounded veins, to the failing lung

Swallowing stones that I may sink 


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I came to life as though night had never reared its ugly head. The swirling black cosmos of theory that we put so much faith in. A face beneath the constellations of light that may...

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I must find a way back to the source

Before the muse loses her voice

Where can I place my feet, if she only stutters?

I've seen cities disappear into the fog

While I waited for you to...

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by TheSerpentThe... Oct 07, 2014

I've tendered everything I could to make the world more beautiful, yet I've only widened the wounds. We dug down into the clay, and the black bled from the earth, until we were...

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Once the curtain was pulled, she was gone from the stage. Vanished like wind through a pile of leaves. And the magician, he can't seem to bring her back. No, something came and...

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by TheSerpentThe... Sep 22, 2014

The thread-worn heel of my shoe has cut through my achilles'

Beckoned on by taurine and sugar-sweet amphetamine

Days passed with the hours and eons with the minutes


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Bats biting. Blinded and bitter.

To the taste of bubbles in dying drinks.

The swarm beneath the collar. 

I set a match to my funeral suit.

The end of the tunnel, with no light.


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There's a temple at the center of the forest north of I-94. Thumbtacks holding up old rolls of fishing line, air pellets spilled inside plywood drawers. And the woods across the...

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by TheSerpentThe... Sep 03, 2014

A Bedouin shawl around the neck of a leper

Tarot cards smudged with lipstick and blood

A gypsy in a glass case spitting fortunes

Electronic gestures made by a machinist's muse


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by TheSerpentThe... Sep 02, 2014