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Here is a pretty poppy song that Metaphorest wrote the lyrics for. I couldn't have finished it without you Sarah, so thank you very much for helping out. :D


Thanks. Well, I had the music track sitting, collecting dust on my computer with my mumbly vocal idea for about a year or so. I really wanted to finish it, but I often struggle with writing lyrics. Metaphorest is a pro at writing and I asked her if she would like to help me out with the words. I gave her the track and named it, and she returned with the lyrics that fit the title magically. She can tell you more on what she thought would work for the song lyrically too im sure.

I played with syllables/timing and moved a few things around a bit so everything fit into the melody I had in mind. And thats basically it. No other records were used. I will upload the stems soon too. :)

-The Morning Hollows (Matt)

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