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Here is a pretty poppy song that Metaphorest wrote the lyrics for. I couldn't have finished it without you Sarah, so thank you very much for helping out. :D



Thanks. Well, I had the music track sitting, collecting dust on my computer with my mumbly vocal idea for about a year or so. I really wanted to finish it, but I often struggle with writing lyrics. Metaphorest is a pro at writing and I asked her if she would like to help me out with the words. I gave her the track and named it, and she returned with the lyrics that fit the title magically. She can tell you more on what she thought would work for the song lyrically too im sure.

I played with syllables/timing and moved a few things around a bit so everything fit into the melody I had in mind. And thats basically it. No other records were used. I will upload the stems soon too. :)

-The Morning Hollows (Matt)


I found Jooshua's guitar track and it sounded like a simple/sweet love song. So, that is just what I made it out to be. I wanted to try something different, and I played some real drums and piano for once, hopefully that trend will continue. The lyrics are overly simple, perhaps somebody else may want to write up something better, but they work for what the song is.

And finally, and most importantly, the awesome Robo J was kind enough to add some kicking bass to the tune. Well, there you have it. Hope the mix sounds ok. I tried some new things.


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I was humming this in the shower, and I decided to record it. Here are the results. Let me know what you think.


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I liked this song quite a bit so I added a couple of instruments, some hand claps, and a bit of vocal harmonies as well. Yay!

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I like this one. Enjoy.

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I was listening to TCS's song along with ChaneleyWelly's version and I just loved it so much, couldn't stop listening to it. I wanted to give some additions, but then I decided to remake the song completely. I changed some of the melodies a bit,  but basically kept the main pulse of what makes the song what it is.

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This is a fresh one that I got singalong help from tiafischer. Chew on this while I take some time to work out more remix goodness with other records I have cooking. 

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This was pretty spur of the moment. Took about an hour to make.
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I saw Meta posted the stems for this to Albert, and I noticed that he might want some male vocals in the song. All I did was sing along with it, not really any fancy harmonies or anything, so I can post my vocals alone if you happen to want them. Or, I can even record different harmonies if you like. It might even be best if I wasn't singing the entire time. All just an idea, nothing big. Let me know. :)

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Quite a cutesy one.

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I've had this one for a while, just forgot to post it I guess. Oops.

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This was originally intended for Babbish to re-record her vocals on the Butterflies song to. (Which you are, of course, more than welcome to still do if you so desire Babbish.) But then I started to think of vocals to add to it myself, however, nothing seemed to spark. So, I just left it alone for anyone and everyone to probe at themselves. Have at it.  

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