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My motiongraphics like bumpers, promos and stuffs.

hangLOOSE made a freakin' perfect sweet song for the New Deal.

Check it out :D
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I like this place.

I put this intro together for that Sundance thing... also hoping to further inspire you guys as to what you can do with the content that's available here. Making this was fun just because of the massive repository of cool shit that's available here. You guys are awesome.

Thanks everyone!

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Re-doing the music video to House of Glitch's It Starts with a Glitch :D I have a lot of marker and acrylic scribbles I animated by scanning in frame by frame and put them together in Adobe Photoshop. I am using a lot of the green screen footage from the live show 'cause you're all so darn awesome ^_^

I could use help with finding more footage of dancers, anyone have any albums?

Had a little bit of trouble resourcing old record: Will of Man by Sudden Ardor  

This is just what I made so far there will be a lot more crazy awesomeness soon ^_^
So glad I found some great footage to finish this music video that's been bugging me for about 2 years :D 

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For The New Deal collaboration. More wham bam for your remixing pleasure.

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Quickly tossed together an advert for G-tech and HitRECord.

There's a lot of pictures of you guys I just grabbed to make the hitRECord tile at the end. I can't remember all of em' so if you spot yourself let me know I'll add it to the resources.


Explosions thanks to Denotation Films:

Their stock video is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

If you like em' buy some of their HD effects footage to show the love:
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I'll see you all there at 10:30 :D whoo!

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See complete album (9 total)

This is a smaller file size; 4MB instead of 200MB; I got tired of watching the encode wheel go 'round and 'round ;D

Live action version of the tiny story "Ghosts"

Took Robo J's re-mix of Doverpeak's reading of Wirrow's "Ghost" tiny story. Added some video of my own plus Wirrow's awesome animations for overlays to   those cool sound scratches Robo did.

Inspired by silent era films; 'cause that stuff rocks.



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