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I sit under a canopy of green with my brothers and sisters. It has been a long journey for each of us. We all come from different places and backgrounds but we are now family.

I wear my best vestiges. Some might call them gaudy but I am proud that I look my best. Many of my brethren have names but I am nameless. A rebel unlabeled.

I am jostled and shaken but reveal nothing. I am steadfast in my commitment to remain a mystery. I smile inwardly at the confusion I bring. Who and what are the questions of the hour but they break against my will, unanswered.

Perhaps I will give up my secret one day.

Today is not that day.

A Rebel
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I am unoriginal. Generic. Bland. A well-worn pebble in the stream of society. From my morning train ride where I stare at my shoes to the terse yet polite interactions with coworkers, I am a nameless face in the crowd. Scarcely remembered and easily forgotten.

But in the elevator I am a non-conformist. For those brief fifteen seconds I am a radical dissenter of all that is normal. I stand defiant of societal expectations. As each turns around, I meet their gaze with unwavering conviction and smile.

And for the shortest of times,...

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