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Drown Me
SparksOverEmbers Released Oct 30, 2013

Drown me 
Drown me in the river 
And send my body to the ocean

Pull me
Pull me with the currents
Pull me to the wild winds, send me home again, oh

Waves are
Waves are breaking on the shorelines
And all the names I’ve ever borne are

Offered up on frozen winds
To catch in trees with branches bending
To my body, come to rest on roots sunk down into the water—

Coursing out across the ocean
Take me back, oh take me home—

Wake me, oh
Pull me from the river,
With the whispers ringing in my ears of names and shores
And roots sunk deep
And let me stand. 

Music exists for this, but I'm happier with the lyrics, so here they are. 

The circuits are misfiring.

She starts to speak and I let her words drop into silence; she starts to cry and I turn my back on her tears.

It shouldn’t be like this. There’s supposed...

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They told me, stay out of the woods

there’s wolves out there, and strangers, dear,

and wouldn’t you be safer by the fire?

They told me to learn every word

and take it all as gospel,...

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A message appears: Let's try this again. Tears in my eyes, and breathless hope. A chance to go back in time. To start anew.

Of course, we won't. There are 8 years' worth of miles...

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"And with that, I present to you... Anna Livingston!"

The curtain opens. She can't even see the audience; they're all one dark mass behind the too-bright lights. Her hands are...

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Today, I drove the Catskills in the pouring rain,
leaving behind the ephemera of the valley--
fading paint and rusting cars and barns fallen down to kindling
(now too soaked to set...

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