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My RECords relevant to the world of Umbra will be organized here.


Initial concepts for the types of shadows Attilee mentions in her vid. I guess this is what we're sticking with? As @@ said in the her vid, it's all been mostly just ideas so far. The info written out in the sheet may not correspond with what's been written elsewhere... I've been sort of absent from HR (sorry @@ D: ) mostly due to school and life and wank wank and all that, so I don't think we ever got the opportunity to work out the details. Then again, we also don't want to go restricting your creativity too much. Open to ideas and all that! Also, ignore the inconsistent caps—each of these were made during seperate times for the most part.\

An additional class less relevant to the story:

And because I didn't explain what Gloom was in the Gloam description:

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Trying to expand on the physical world.

Objects in the shadow world are refered to as almost-objects. Like how the apple the Noonday is holding isn't quite an apple; it's an almost-apple.

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It just occurred to me today that I stated that Gloam suffer from Gloom without ever explaining what that means.

/V8 forehead smack

Well, here is what that's all about. An older write up I did around the same time as the caste sheet, and so you also see a preliminary idea about shadow death @@ and I conceptualized.

Ever seen a sunspot? :)

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Little to no variation between each of them.

Note that these shadows have little to do with the main story.

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I apologize for my gross mistreatment of type in this RECord (oh god that leading). lol I wasn't sure how to deal with it while keeping it consistent with the others! Also, I was doing this at 4am. :/ A massive, single eye opens when Earth Shadow is approached. It looks directly at you when addressing you... I can only imagine how judgemental that would feel. Earth Shadow has a foot, so to speak, in both worlds and is a constant presence in Ombre and the human world. More on the Lustre later.

... I hope that little jut of land translates as a cliff. D:

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I was brought to the Earth by descent in an irridescent, luminous bubble. -crackedhands 


This image would not stop bouncing around my head after reading that, so it had to come out!

Also gave me something to do while avoiding classwork. :)

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Little Red Riding Fuckyourshitup

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I kind of ragequit on this when I couldn't figure out why the size of it was so huge for something without much content. It's still stupid big (15.9MB) but much smaller than before, so there you go. I'd have liked to have done much more with this had I the time to dedicate to it. It's also a wee bit outdated since this was actually meant for release in December (derp procrastination). Aaaaanyway, here's the ISSUU.COM page:


It doesn't seem to read my PDF quite right (missing dots on the spread mentioning issue one) but it's easily accessible and doesn't require downloading. I still wanted to offer the zipped PDF for download as well.


There ya go.

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Not for the first time, Tinychat discussion lead to the idea of an HR University. It may never happen but we should all get diplomas anyway. :)

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Moustache Poem by Klosinski is one of my favorite Hursery Rhymes (his others are great as well) and I've been meaning to do something for it for a long time. More could have been done here but I kind of ran out of juice. Maybe I'll pick it up again and do more to it some other time.

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Wordplay a friend ( thought up: "... My mind is constantly running; constantly playing with words, even when I'm not consciously doing it. No joke. So the phrase 'bowl of oatmeal' was in my head this morning... My mind started messing with the letters in the words and suddenly I thought, 'Owl Of Boatmeal!'"

I like to call the squid Quaken.

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I changed his shape a bit. I like my monsters pudgy.

Hand rendering script is a bitch when you actually have awful handwriting.

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I like the Bad Advice collab but can't really think of something that actually fits. Decided to dick around with phrases anyway.

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