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lonelier than me
SloaneAvery Released ago

He walked by me and I couldn't breathe

He looked into my eyes and I couldnt see

He touched me and my heart fell through the floor

He kissed me and I wasnt lonely anymore.

by SloaneAvery ago

I wondered how many others have laid their head on your sweater

How many have held you

And who held you better

Did they leave their scent on your collar?

Did you kiss them? Did you take it any farther?

Was this simply routine, Or is what you are saying what you really do mean?

Is it just another day, or is it just


by SloaneAvery ago

To me, you were vintage film

You'd been played before

You were dated

Your seal had been broken

You had been worn

You had been broken in

Torn, Bent, Stretched

You were scratched

but you still played

You didn't skip, You wouldn't skip.

by SloaneAvery ago

He was so beautiful laying there

His eyelashes perfectly curvedHis breath gently escaping his lipsThe way his hair was tossled over like it was designed this wayThe freckle by his left eyeHe slept In a way that made him seem like I was the one who was dreamingAll I wanted to do was kiss himBut I couldn'tI couldn't bare itThe feeling of wanting him knowing that if I touched him it would be for the last timeI don't think I closed my eyes for hoursI just looked at him like it was all I ever needed to doI held my breath hoping the highway...
by SloaneAvery ago

Lips like wine

Heart like a cellar

He called me mine

with words like a letter

Held me like a sweater

but I still loved him better.

by SloaneAvery ago

i never thought about

brown eyes

i never caught white lies

red lips, sticky kiss, chances missed, black ties

white lies, brown eyes

now give me something to remember you by

kisses fleeting like fireflies

after tonight we break our ties


blue eyes beneath blue skies

melting into the water

you could've never caught her

flowers you never bought her

but you wonder why she cries

white lies told by brown eyes

Strong hands, weak plans, light sands

real tans

hearts pale

ships sailed

white lies cause soft cries

from brown eyes to blue eyes

love disguised


by SloaneAvery ago

and I knew this was going nowhere

so I packed my things and went nowhere.

by SloaneAvery ago

I think thats what it is

I know what it feels like

When its the real thing

I think thats what it is

It's overwhelming

Simple and heavy

I think thats what it is

It's a scary thing that leaves me


I think thats what it is

I've felt it before

I'm not a stranger to this feeling

Of Passion and Desire

Of love and fire

I think thats what it is

I'm falling in love


I think thats what it is..

And so I tried

I tried not to care I tried to learnTo learn to let go is something I had to try and fail at over and over until I'd rather let go than have to try again
by SloaneAvery ago

What can I say

He felt different the next dayHe didn't get what he wantedCause it wasn't much anywayI wondered what I said that made him changeWe laughed when we couldWe took turns sharing what we wouldThe closer I felt the less he felt the sameI was a fool to think id ever carry his nameBut it was he who lead my thinking that wayWho's really at faultFor a brief love that's dissolvedI made the time and he made the driveWe spent our last hour covering iron & wineBut when it was overIt really was overNow I'll never get over Good...

He was smooth in the kind of way I wasn't used to

He was the kind of guy that hailed a tAxi gracefullyHe was subtle but extreme in his own wAyHe wanted me to come over for coffee and he meant itHe didn't use his hands to thank me for coming byHe didn't use is words as rose petals to lead me up to his roomHe didn't uSe his eyes to make me feel wanted. He didn't have a hidden agendaHe just simply was. Simply comfortableSimply alone without a reason. Simply there.