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This file is all the raw separated clips for the live action short of "Departures" I shot. I left a black space in between each clip to make it easier to cut and re use. The footage is UN corrected.
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I made this live action short film for Departures, Maybe someone can remix the film with visuals and overlays, or even use clips towards the Collaboration, enjoy guys.

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hitrecorders from western NY greater buffalo area, im shooting a live action short of for this colab, if you would like to be an actor in this please contact me at Shooting will take place in roughly two weeks. Ill send you details!
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On my break at work once, I caught an amazing Phenomenon. This is a short film I wrote. Dont waste time, we dont have much of it.

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Just my submission for "burn on"
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My song request! "Don't cry" By Tia Fischer

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I made this compilation of clips mostly from Dans Records he uploaded, Throughout the video you can hear his flames burning from a live audio recording of one of his dances, Its Dan flame burning forever, We Thank you Burning Dan..
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Be safe my Joe! we need ya buddy!
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Inspired by Dante Basco, and Some events in my life, I wrote and recorded this poem "The Forbidden"

"The forbidden"

Give up the fight strong girl, I have you surrounded.

I broke down your wall so you have no choice but to fall, Into me.

When I look at you, your eyes are on fire with same flame that boils my blood when Im in your presence.

PRESENTS, are something you would give to me on a holiday, but your presence, is more than I could ever ask for.

When I first met you, I SWORE, that I would get you,

To myself.

And I aint gonna lie at first I was shy, I thought you were nice, But it was your handshake to me, that broke the ice..

I been waiting for something like this.. so check it,

if 2's and's 5's can get you elevens,
I Know inside that im sixes and sevens but girl your a gift from the heavens!

At least that's what I like to think, Then I let reality Sink..


now skipping ahead, from the start Ill admit it,
Ida done anything. to see inside your heart, for minute.

So Listen I'm honest I'm a daydreamer and I dont like reality you know? me either..

Thats why this is a bitter sweet Story

Im sure because of this ill foe you , But I had to show you, were, not, alone, so All I can do is know you..

just, know you.

They sky can frown, you can beat me down but now I have to break your heart.

Ive been alone and together, So I wonder if were better?
that's why Im writing this letter.

I. met. you.

And Thats the end of this story it ends in hurry so there's no need to worry


I burst at the seams when were on other teams...
Maybe I thought differently than what "this" even means

But just when I thought the gods heard my screams? I woke up to realise, Your not even real, your only in my dreams.

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I made this in photoshop :)
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Me holding my framed letter and check from HR and Joe, holding it proudly :)
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