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Shaved off one second, muted some audio, added more footage and BOOM Version 3.


P.S. Thanks for the tips Ryan! Hope it's satisfactory this time.  :) To answer your question, I use Magix Movie Edit Premium with Adorage & Digieffects Phenomena.  Saving up for Magix Movie Edit Pro X5.  Magix>Adobe.

P.S.S. Capt. Clare suggested to get rid of the vocals, I was gonna give it a whirl, but I couldn't download the original Electric Loss audio; the download link gave me some weird error message... sooo that's that. 

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by Sillystephwhat ago

“Why are you crying?” The porcelain mug asks his master.

She stares down his empty chambers and replies, “All that’s left is decaf.”

“What are you doing?”


“But you haven’t any wings…”

“Wings are for the wistful. Writers fly in words.”

I gazed out a broken window

But only saw a broken tree,And a darkened shadowThat wanted to break free.

I looked beyond the tree and found a pond

Situated behind an open field;It seemed to me that I grew very fondOf this broken window at which I kneeled.

It was nature's kaleidoscope

To gaze upon the open Earth.This broken window gave me hopeThat I, like Nature will find mirth.

Because even through distortion

Nature seemed to find her fortune.

Sometimes I get lost in my mind's dreamality.