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They say to listen to your heart.

But my heart says nothing but "thump. thump. thump."

It may skip and it may stutter, but clarity it does not impart.

It has no mouth and no ears.

I cannot hear it and it does not hear me. 

Perhaps to listen to my heart, I have to use different gears?

Fallacy of the Heart
Shonnaugh Released ago

We simply have MUCH too much time on our hands to think.

What colour would it be, that time that we think?

If time was ink.

Would it be pink?

Or perhaps it would be blue, because blue it could be too.

But why not orange?

Orange seems like the link.

Of any good reason?

I cannot think.

All that it means is we simply have MUCH too much time on our hands to think.

About the possibility of our thoughts being pink.

by Shonnaugh ago

You cried and it rained

You let out an exasperated sigh and the winds blew high

You spun and danced into a hurricane

When you tripped and fell, you took the whole world with you– my world

And I want it back

I always knew you were special

Maybe even influencial

But still I wondered what would happen,

if you could just smile.

by Shonnaugh ago

A strangled cry that resonates with me.


Because I finally broke my years of silence.

by Shonnaugh ago

You tried to steal a kiss, and from it, I stole your heart.

by Shonnaugh ago

Words; Idiot and Fool are all just words.

It is YOU that give them meaning.

by Shonnaugh ago

You sister, are all the stars can see

You sister, are bright as bright can be.

You feel battered and beaten.

Like life's given you no breaks.

I know there is no clarity inbetween the aches.

Your capriciousness rivals that of a heathen God.

Mercurial to say the least.

Yet you seem to conquer all, and still vanquish the beast.

Because despite your qualms and all anxieties that may be.

You must believe me sister, you truly are all the stars can see.

by Shonnaugh ago

Have you ever wondered how strange it is to be anything at all?

To have consciousness and thought.

To be more than anything we've ever brought or taught?

It is a larger burden that we bear.

Far deeper than any dress or meager tuft of hair.

The resonating sound of the emptiness around

the chambers inside our heads.

The untangible words that we think or have read.

A swirl of being leading to imminent insanity instead.

For being is a complex affair.

Where all interesting things happen in our heads full of air.

Our dear Hamlet had it right.

To be or...

by Shonnaugh ago
On the brink of destruction we'll look to the horizon and ask the skies why.

Why do you not show us mercy?

Because mercy is merely a word of your own creation.

Where is our salvation?

Death will be your only salvation.

We'll ask what the purpose of it all was then?

There is no purpose.

Merely an end.

by Shonnaugh ago
There walks a faceless man you knew gone awryWhat you fail to notice are the horrors that pryHis heart will tell of tragedies unspokenThat no one will see until they're awoken
by Shonnaugh ago

It's no longer anger; it's defeat.

by Shonnaugh ago

Ironically enough, the Matchmakers match was not made in Heaven.

by Shonnaugh ago

I often think of escape. The thought of it pervades my mind and serves as only a fine thread keeping me sane. The notion of escape is nearly too much to bear, quickly overwhelming me with such a feeling I cannot explain. Perhaps excitement? I am unsure. I can merely comment that it is neither good, nor bad; it is simply something to keep me holding on. My own mind acts as a shackle, binding me where I stand. It seeks to madden me with thought and it is from this I must escape. I try not to fall victim to it. Slay the beast, and you...

by Shonnaugh ago