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Music: loops (we can go back) by ppeppina --A loop can have a variety of meanings in the realm of dance. It can be something simple like a floor pattern, such as one or multiple circles that are small or large in size. It can mean the pattern of movement: taking a phrase and repeating, or looping, it for an undetermined or predetermined amount of times. It can be the type of movement being danced, designing loops with the body as it moves through space, whether with arms/legs/feet/whole body in a solo/duet/trio/etc. Any of the aforementioned "loops" can be layered on top of each other to make a more multi-dimensional loop. It can be the concept of the piece, maybe using more abstract movement to convey a message influenced by the idea of a loop -- the shape itself, or as it relates to daily life, a specific event, time, space, etc. It can also mean the rehearsal process, practicing over and over, the process of improving with each run-through or editing to reach the completed product. But is it ever really complete? Or is it rather a choice to stop the loop? Can the loop be stopped? :) ...just some thoughts from a dancer! Hopefully you see some of the ideas in this visual I put together.

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