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Part V

The Gorhh

Two weeks passed till Blood Paws saw the White Banner bearing the Black Tongue approach his camp

A guard of the Omega held this giant banner which was to be worn on Omega Black Tongue’s back in the upcoming war

The wood shaft was painted white and covered with bloody hand prints

The guard approached Blood Paws and bowed, “Hail Alpha Blood Paws”

I knew what was asked of me, they needed my blood to prove my allegiance and the allegiance of my Wolves

I ran my hand along the edge of my battle axe until the blade became coated in warm crimson

The guard lifted the banner toward me

I gripped it firmly, staining the white wood with my bloody hand

“Thank you Alpha Blood Paws, we set off tomorrow,” With that he walked off

“Hear that old Red Eye, we march to war on the morrow”

Blood Paws sat down with a smile on his face and scratched Red Eye behind the ears


Blood Paws gripped his battle axe tightly in his sleep as he dreamt of glorious battle and delicious food

Chopping down a door with his Axe to reveal a room filled to the brim with meat and cheese

He woke up; he wiped the drool from his mouth and shoulder and caressed his battle axe

It’d be a good day today, and a damn fine day to march

He strut out of his tent and into the middle of his camp, “Blood Paw's Wolves!”

They gathered around to hear their Alpha speak

“Today we march to War, if you leave here; tis likely you will not return; Do not be troubled, you will be one less mouth to feed, haha”

Everybody laughed, it was all too true, War did not just bring food, but it brought death which allowed greater rations

“We will show the Omega that Blood Paw’s Wolves are the hungriest and the BLOODIEST; Onward my brave wolves we will feast on the flesh of horse and devour the Sillar’s warehouse stores”

With that everyone gathered their gear and prepared to march in formation

Blood Paws stood at the head, Bright Fang his Wolf Sergeant stood beside him

The Wolves stood in a column 5 Wolves wide and 100 Wolves long, 500 Wolves total

Blood Paws issued two horn blasts from the massive tusk, blackened with age, the endings bound with iron

It is also inscribed with the name and symbol of the Alphas that held it before, when Blood Paws dies his name and symbol, the Red Bear Paw, will be inscribed upon the horn

Bright Fang shouted aloud, “WOLVES FORWARD, TO WAR!!!”

The 500 Wolves set off and began to chant the only song worth marching to

Oh the hills so bright and white

The rock is black as frosty night

Never to return from here

The war has come, The war has come

Shout up high, Shout up high

The war has come, The war has come

Shake the ground with fiery step

Death will come, Death will come

Weep not my wife, Weep not my son

Food will come, Food will come

Axe through bone and Teeth through meat

Food will come, Food will come

Foot through door and Food in hand

The bounties won, The bounties won

Weep not my Wolves, Weep not my Lord

The War is won, The War is won


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