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This is the intro video for the Stills in Motion collab. I really hope you'll give it a shot!


Here is a brief tutorial video on BACK BUTTON IMPROVEMENTS.


This video includes:

* Improvements to the Back Button functionality when you're browsing RECords.


NOTE: THIS ALBUM contains additional "New Site Features" videos.



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I saw that beautiful shot of mushrooms and realized there's only one thing that seems aproppiete here... a merry-go-round <3


Not sure if it would work for any shots in the WWW Collab, but if you see it as a potential candidate for one of them - let me know :)

by skriks
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"Skinny Bitch" song with lead vocal (female) and harmonies.

Acoustic + electric guitar also. Guitar playing is kind of sloppy, but I like that vibe. The song needs some angst.


Lyrics here:

Pretty girl, I've got a question for you

I hope you don't think it's rude, but what's it like without food?

And when we hit the clubs downtown, for you there's no waiting around.

You get right in through the front door, but it's not like I keep score.

Skinny bitch, you're a skinny bitch, skinny bitch.

And when we celebrate you, my birthday present just for you:

To have my cake and eat yours too; I'd sacrifice for you.

Just gimme all your food, gimme some steak and cookies too.

You've got a workout to get too, and I'll enjoy them more than you.

Skinny bitch, you're a skinny bitch, skinny bitch.

But in spite of my kindness, I wanna kick you in the head.

I could eat you for breakfast, but I would probably need seconds.

And when youre in Pilates class, I will be sittin' on my sweet ass,

Cryin' in my Guinness, because I want to be you.....


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OK, this is something that Ryan Patrick brought up in The Old Future VS The New Future discussing our predictions of the future and how they change. What I find interesting is how we depict futuristic music. If you watch films from the 80s music from the future was very industrial dancey, in the 90s it was industrial metal, 00s it was dub step I guess. What's the next genre of the future? Music is interesting to me because it will continue to become more and more electronic but that is only a fraction of the music out there. At the end of the day people still like to hear a singer with an acoustic guitar or piano. We still want to feel a human connection to the music. Dance music is purely primal almost, just a drum beat to move to. It gets us amped up and I suppose it reflects our hearts pumping with endorfins or adrenalin or whatever. Will electronic music get to a point where it finally has a human aspect? I guess it's happening now with more and more live electronic instruments being used. Laptops are pretty common place on stage now. Will the next bands just be 4 guys with laptops? Will instruments in the future just be like smart phones? Will we be able to just download apps for guitars to make them sound like strats or teles or rickenbackers?

On another note. What will the next 'big' instrument be? In the 20th Century it was definitely the guitar. Now synths are pretty popular. What will the next one be? Will they find a way to modernize the bassoon? Or will it be some new percussion creation?

Just some thoughts to consider.

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Yin and Yang

You are the shine in my dark
The honey to my tart
The flint to my spark and
The north to my south
The song in my mouth
The kiss to my ouch
The cozy in my couch
You are joy to my sad
The beneficial to my bad
The laugh for my mad
You are the calm in my storm
The break from my norm
The free to my form

So how did I get this far
Without you my life’s sub-par
Your love fills the great big hole in my heart

You are the pride to my shame
The vowels in my name
The luck in my game
You are the meds to my pain
The ice to my sprain
Umbrella to my rain
You are the peace to my war
The ceiling to my floor
And the one I adore
You are the gas in my car
The near to my far
The jelly in my jar


Yeah you are the track for my train
Oxygen for my brain
The strike in my lane
You are the yin to my yang
The yin to my yang
The yin to my yang
You are the yin to my yang
The yin to my yang, the yin to my
Yin to my yang


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Here's a little song I did based on a beautiful text by sdmoonshine. I thought about the duality of the yin and the yang and the duality in the text. So I came up with this really simple 2-chords song!

I anybody would want to add here's what you can do:

  • FEMALE VOCALIST: Continuing with the duality theme, you could take a shot at a verse and then mix it up with my voice in the second chorus.

  • LEAD GUITARIST: There's a lot of space in the verse for some tinkering, see what you can do!

  • SOUND MIXERS: Clean this mess up! I am NOT good at mixing, so I didn't touch anything, haha.

  • ANYBODY ELSE: Do what you like you know, this is why we're here!




It's in 4/4 at 96 bmp. Don't mind the non-mix.

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NASA sent out a space probe called "Voyager 2." Voyager 2's mission is to survey the galaxy. They built this machine to send back audio and pictures of the galaxy, only to eventually be shut off and crash into a planet somewhere. It was built with the intention of never returning home. 

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Part of my "Suite: New England". Inspired by the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Written and performed by me on solo classical guitar.

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starring: Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
vinyl sfx: RECollection vinyl
drum machince, slicer guitars, omnichord, bass: meeeeee

by Robo_J
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This is an underscore for JohnnyCallMe's piece Give me the Darkenest Nights

by ozie
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Its 4 a.m. and I cant breathe

'Cause I lost my soul in Tennessee 

To the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen 

She took my heart and carried it on her sleeve


Love under the southern sky

Can't get you out of my mind


Now it's 5 a.m. and I can't sleep

'Cause I got my mind working overtime

Just thinking of the girl who changed my life

With her, oh so adorable summertime smile


Love under the southern sky

Can't get you out of my mind


6 a.m. and I just leave

Asking around, "has anyone found

The most beautiful girl that I've ever seen"

Turns out, she had been looking for me


At 4 a.m. I couldn't breathe

Cause I lost my soul in Tennessee

To the most beautiful girl that I'd ever seen

She took my heart as we walked all through morning


Love under the southern sky

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