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I remember when I was first dating my most recent ex-girlfriend we were sitting in a movie theater holding hands waiting for this movie to start. We were both just sitting there not saying anything and I remember just coming to a realization that at that moment I was happier than I had been in a long time and then we both simultaneously looked over at each other and just sort of smiled and then we both squeezed each other's hands tighter and it was like she was thinking the exact same thing I was, like wow this is great and I'm really happy right now.

So even though we did eventually break up it’s little moments like that I find myself looking back on rather than anything exceptionally profound that might have happened during our relationship and feeling really happy about the time we spent together. If we had both been staring at our phones while waiting for that movie to start we probably wouldn’t have had that subtle yet really special moment.

To my dearest wife.

This is it. How many times have I told you to NEVER eat the last slice of pizza? I mean seriously who does that? You know what's mine is yours and you can have...

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